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October 28, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide 2013: Men

Today is a very exciting day for me, it marks the start of a new blog series. For the next four weeks I'll be uploading a different Holiday Gift Guide every Monday. The fifth Monday will mark exactly one month until Christmas so, of course, will mean I'm launching my Christmas giveaway, this time featuring a few of the gift idea items mentioned throughout the series. 

I thought I'd start with some of the most difficult people to buy for, men. No matter which male I'm buying for I find the process extremely challenging and in the end I just give up. I harassed a couple of my guy friends and we managed to come up with a list of presents perfect for any guy you need to buy for this holiday season!

1. Subscriptions - Whether it be a subscription to a magazine or a service such as Bellobox (the male equivalent of Bellabox), I think subscriptions are such a great idea. You can get a subscription to something that they purchase regularly (like a magazine) and it's the gift that keeps on giving! Plus, who doesn't like mail?
[Image source]

2. Clothing and jewellery -  If you know the guy you're buying for well, it might be worth picking up a few pieces of clothing for them. I mean really, how often do guys buy clothes for themselves? Jewellery is also a good option, though I often get scared that the man in question won't like the piece. Eek!
[Image source]

3. Hobby bits -  Chances are the guy you're buying the gift for is really into something; cars, photography, computers etc. There are so many great places to pick up hobby bits and pieces, with one of my favourite stores being Think Geek. Think Geek has some of the coolest gadgets, edibles and electronics. 
[Image source]

4. Gift card -  When all else fails, get a gift card. If you can, put some thought into the gift card though. Where does he shop? What does he like? Also, where does he live? One of my guy friends said it's a good idea to choose somewhere close to where a guy lives. If you really don't know where to get the voucher to, a Coles Myer card never hurts. 
[Image source]

5. Man grooming kits - These are the ultimate fall back gift, aren't they? There are so many different man grooming kits you can pick up these days and there's something for every budget, from a Lynx deodorant pack to this Aseop Moroccan Neroli Shaving Duet. My pick, however, would be the LUSH Cosmetic Lad Gift.
[Image source]

6. Experience - Sometimes it's good to get someone something they can do. Red Balloon is a service that offers a multitude of different experiences with everything from driving experiences, adventure sports, water sports and flying experiences. If you can't decide what experience to get you can also buy a voucher so they can choose it themselves. That takes the pressure out of choosing!
[Image source]

7. Man smells - Sometimes it's nice to buy people something they won't buy themselves and that could definitely mean man smells. I have no idea about what ones are more popular to the male nose, I only know which I like. I haven't smelt the one in the picture either, I just thought it was a cool bottle. If you're looking at getting him a man smell, I recommend heading to My Beauty Spot, Priceline or Chemist Warehouse. They have an amazing range at fantastic prices! 
[Image source]

8. Alcohol - Lastly, alcohol is the best back up present. Ever. What guy would say no to a 6 pack of their favourite beer or a bottle of their favourite spirit? No guy I know! Once again, I know absolutely nothing about beer so if Corona was a bad choice I do apologise!
[Image source]

I really hope these ideas help you pick the perfect gift for the men in your lift. Speaking of which, thanks to the guys in my life for helping me create this gift guide. Especially you, Mitchell (yes, here's your special mention), even if half your ideas were far too inappropriate for my blog.

Let me know if you've already decided what you're going to be picking up for the men in your life this holiday season! Also, does anyone else have trouble buying for guys? 

If you liked this series, don't forget to tune in next week when I give you my gift ideas for all us ladies. 

Always look your best,

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  1. I love your list. I have just opened a new site called Gifts4themissus.com.au for guys to buy gifts for their girls without having to go to the shopping centre and be completely overwhelmed by choice. I'm just starting out so would love for you to visit and see what I need to add.

  2. Good list lovely! All of these are a fail for my boyfriend though bahahaha he's the biggest fuss pot ever! But definitely good for NORMAL men! :P

    1. Thanks, lovely! Oh my gosh, he sounds awful to buy for. Glad to hear you think these ideas are at least suitable for other men. Ahaha. Xx

  3. Hey this list is awesome!! i just saw another set of unique gifts for men at affordable prices too! Check it out at Classichostess.com


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