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September 15, 2013

Mary Kay Eyeliner Review*

Image from Mary Kay website
I was recently given the opportunity to trial the May Kay Eyeliner* by Katrina from Beauty Consultancy. Katrina is a fellow Australian, beauty YouTuber and Mary Kay consultant. I have been watching her videos for quite some time now, with a friendship forming as a result, and one of my favourite things about her channel is her passion for Mary Kay. I'm not sure how it happened but Katrina recently asked me if I wanted to try a few products from the Mary Kay line and I jumped at it! I never say no to the opportunity to try a new product, especially when it's from a brand I'm very unfamiliar with.

To see what I think of the Mary Kay Eyeliner*, keep reading.

I say this every now and then but, for the most part, I don't wear eyeliner everyday. I don't know why though because whenever I do I totally love the look and wonder why I don't do it more. It's a step I honestly rarely think about. The Mary Kay Eyeliner* is one of the eyeliners that made me wonder why I don't wear it more. This retractable eyeliner is one of the nicest eyeliners I've used in a long time. 

The Mary Kay Eyeliner* is super compact. It's a small eyeliner (.28g of product) that fits perfectly in any make up collection. It's such a great size that I found myself throwing it in my hand bag as a touch up product for when I was going out after work. In doing so, though, I misplaced it so I must get a new one.

Retractable eyeliners are typically harder than traditional pencil eyeliners. After all, they can't be too soft because they'll collapse. For this reason, I've never been a huge fan of retractable eyeliners. Somehow the Mary Kay Eyeliner* is one of the smoothest eyeliners I've ever applied, retractable or otherwise. The pencil glides onto the upper lashline so smoothly and it's so easy to work with.

I have the Mary Kay Eyeliner* in Black and it's so pigmented. I generally apply a super thin line to my upper lash line and I love the effect it gives, making my lashes look full and fluttery. The line stays in place all day too which is a total bonus. I really don't like the look of black eyeliner on the waterline on me so I don't know how it wears there. Sorry!

The Mary Kay Eyeliner* retails for $18.00AUD and I think it's definitely worth the investment. I've tried a lot of pencil eyeliners in my time and I think this is up there with my MAC Kohl which is a pretty high claim as that's a total favourite. 

You can pick this eyeliner up by heading to www.marykay.com.au. Alternatively, head to Katrina's consultancy Facebook page and private message her. If you mention my review or the discount code BORNTOBUYMK she'll even give you free delivery. 

Have you tried anything from Mary Kay? What? When I pick up a new liner I'd love to grab a few other things!

Always look your best,

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