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September 09, 2013

Kosmea Skin Clinic Certified Organic Rose Hip Oil* Review

September 09, 2013 | , , , , , , ,
Rose Hip Oil has been a buzz word in the beauty community over the past year or so, with every man and their dog using and loving it! The benefits of it, skincare and otherwise, are undeniable. It assists with fine lines and wrinkles, signs of ageing, scars and blemishes, pigmentation, dry skin, uneven skintone, sun damage and more. 

I was really excited to receive the Kosmea Skin Clinic Certified Organic Rose Hip Oil* so I could jump on the band wagon, of course, and I'm so impressed by it!

"Vibrant skin is revealed with daily use of just a few drops of Kosmea's Skin Clinic Certified Organic Rose Hip Oil, that is free of harmful chemicals, colourants, fragrances, mineral oils and animal products - it is simple 'skincare as nature intended'"
- Kosmea Press Release

To see why I love this product, as well as how I use it, keep reading!

For someone who identifies as having sensitive combination skin, the thought of applying an oil to the face is terrifiying. I had wanted to try rose hip oil to see if it would aid my skin issues for a while but I was convinced it was going to exacerbate my oily t-zone, regardless of how much I read that said it would do the contrary. I'm honestly so glad I was sent the Kosmea Skin Clinic Certified Organic Rose Hip Oil* because, to be honest, I hate experimenting with skincare. 

I use the Kosmea Skin Clinic Certified Organic Rose Hip Oil* as part of my nighttime skincare routine after toner and before my moisturiser. I feel like allows it to fully absorb and work its magic as there's nothing else between the product and my skin. To apply this product, I use the pipet or eye dropper to drop 3-5 drops to the tips of my fingers. I then work the product into my skin, massaging it to encourage absorption. 

The Kosmea Skin Clinic Certified Organic Rose Hip Oil* has a slight yellow tinge to it which disappears as it's absorbed but it's something to be mindful of. I saw my sister straight after applying this once and she said I'd used too much fake tan on my face. Thanks, sis..

Over the past few months I've noticed a great improvement in the my skin tone and I think I have the Kosmea Skin Clinic Certified Organic Rose Hip Oil*  to thank for that. Whilst I still have some red pigmentation through my t-zone, it's not as noticeable as it was before and that's all I can really ask for, especially when most people on my Mum's side of the family has it. 

During the daytime I use a very light moisturiser so I rely on the Kosmea Skin Clinic Certified Organic Rose Hip Oil* to do a lot of the moisturising for me in the evenings and, let me tell you, it does! I didn't realise how dehydrated my skin was before because, well, it didn't cross my mind that it could be because my skin was oily. 

I'm so impressed with the Kosmea Skin Clinic Certified Organic Rose Hip Oil* and I've almost used the whole bottle (it was featured in my August Empties but there was a tiny bit left). I've already repurchased a rose hip oil but next I'll be trying one from Trilogy. Let's see how they compare and if it's as good!

The Kosmea Skin Clinic Certified Organic Rose Hip Oil* retails for $24.95 for 20mL of $44.95 for 42mL. Kosmea is available nationally at David Jones, selected pharmacies and Health Food Stores. 

*This product was sent me for review, however all opinions are my own. I was not paid for this review.

Always look your best,

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  1. I like how rosehip oil keeps my skin soft and moisturised. My acne scarring hasn't reduced much but I'm hoping for better results the longer I use it.
    And this sounds like another great rosehip oil!

    1. It's great, isn't it? This is my first rose hip oil but I'm totally sold on them. I hope it helps with your scarring in the long term. Xx

  2. I love rosehip oil! I haven't tried out this brand because I've been buying the ones from much more affordable brands such as Sukin and Trilogy. This sounds like a winner :)

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