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September 24, 2013

I got stuff for you too but! | Sephora Haul

About two/three weeks ago I placed the mother of all Sephora orders. Yep, it was huge. All up, the order was just over $400.00AUD but please keep in mind that about $75.00 of that was a friend's stuff. I wanted to pick up a couple of new things but, because I was placing the order anyway, I took the opportunity to pick up back ups of a couple of my favourite products.

 I would say I mention my love of the Benefit POREfessional Pro Balm at least once a month so it's no surprise that I stocked up. I bought two because it's only $7.00 more than one here in Australia and I refuse to pay $53.00! I also grabbed two more of the Anastasia Brow Wiz Skinny Brow Pencil in Medium Ash. This is the only brow pencil I've ever gotten along with and I can't bear the thought of being without it. The NARS Pro Prime Eyeshadow Primer came with my And God Created the Woman Palette (review coming tomorrow) so I grabbed one of them too!
I absolutely love my Illamasqua Powder Blush in SOPHIE so I picked up another one, this time in Katie. The finish and look of this blush is a lot different because it's matte but, so far, I think I like it. I feel like I'll like it even more as the weather warms up.
I've had a bit of a love affair with Dior products lately (here's my review of the Dior Crème De Rose Smoothing Plumping Lip Balm and the Dior Creme Abricot Fortifying Cream for Nails) so I decided to try another product, buying the Dior Addict Lip Glow. This is one of those lip products that's meant to adjust to the ph levels in your skin to create your 'perfect' pink. I don't necessarily think that's true but I think it's a nice product and becomes a nice colour. It's probably my least favourite out of the three Dior products though.
Finally I grabbed the Stila Eyeshadow in Kitten. I know, what a surprise! I felt like one of the only bloggers to not have this product so finally took the plunge and grabbed it. It's a nice eyeshadow but I think I expected it to be a lot cooler in tone and a lot 'pinker' and basically just like Urban Decay's Sin. It's not, obviously, but I still like it a lot!

I also picked up a cosmetics bag that I stupidly forgot to take a photo of but I got the bigger version of the one I'm giving away in my Second Blogiversary Sephora Giveaway.

What do you think of the stuff I grabbed? Do you stock up on your favourites so you never run out? Please tell me I'm not the only one!

Also, like always, I used Hop Shop Go as my forwarding service and I was so impressed. I have a review of them coming soon.

Always look your best,

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  1. great haul! I'd dying to try the Benefit POREfessional! Hopefully I can get my hands on some soon :)

  2. Omg I am so jealous! Have fun with all the goodies!!!

  3. Amazing goodies - I really want to try out that eye primer!

  4. Love everything you got I love porefessional so much.

  5. Such a good haul! I can't wait to do one as well! (And I completely agree with the price of Benefit here in Aus.. it's ridiculous!) xx

  6. Excellent haul! I used Hop Shop Go for buying MAC products and I was so impressed as well. I'll have to use them for Sephora as well! (after spending ban of course, ugh!) I am in need of Benefit's POREfessional as well, running out and getting worrisome!

    Kate Xx

  7. When you use Hop Shop Go do you place the order with Sephore and send it to them or do you have to get them to place it? Do you still get Beauty Insider points?

  8. What a great haul, now I want to get the Katie blush. I also stock up on my fave products and products I really like :)


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