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August 27, 2013

Sophie's Sick Picks

This winter has been super sucky for me. I've been sick three times and two of them were super unpleasant, with the third being a common cold. I could complain about my crappy immune, sure, but instead I decided to turn a negative into a positive and write a blog post. There are a bunch of products that help get me through when I'm feeling less than 'fresh' so I thought it'd be good to share them with you all!

Before I get sick my skin 'breaks out' which is often a telltale sign for me. To tackle the blemishes I use my much loved spot treatment, the Clean & Clear Advantage Fast Clearing Spot Gel. This tackles them head on and reduces them substantially. This month I started using the La-Roche Posay Effaclar Duo which I think aided in reducing the severity of the breakout when I got sick this month. I also find my skin also gets really dry whilst sick so I love to use the Kosmea Skin Clinic Certified Organic Rosehip Oil* before bed to aid in hydrating it.

Not only does my skin get dry but my skin does too! I always find that I wake up with super dry lips and I think it has something to do with the fact that I sleep with my mouth open when I'm feeling under the weather. To fix my pout I use the LUSH Mint Julips Sugar Lip Scrub to scrub away all the bad bits, following it with the Korres Lip Butter in Jasmine.

There's nothing better than having showers when you're not feeling 100% and I always find myself pulling out my all time favourite soap, LUSH Rockstar, to wash the bad bugs away! I wonder if it works..

Much like my face, my hands get quite dry when I'm sick. My body does too, actually, but I can never be bothered dealing with that. I have a tube of the Swisse Hand Cream on my desk at work, as well as this one from last month's Lust Have It!, and I find it the best for super dry hands. 

Finally, a few bits 'n' pieces that are just handy. When you're blowing your nose every 20 seconds, you don't want to be using sandpaper. I'm a Kleenex Aloe Vera tissues girl through 'n' through. Now that I'm not too sick I'm determined to remain that way, at least for a few weeks, so I've been spraying the Natralus NatraSan Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser in Chamomile & Apple Blossom Spray on my hands like there's no tomorrow and I really like it. It's nowhere near as drying as other hand sanitisers I've used and, of course, it smells so lovely. I never wear my hair out when I'm feeling crappy because it just gets in the way. I love hair ribbons because I find they're so easy to work with. The ones in the photo are the Sephora Ribbon Hair Ties in Neutral Tones. 

I really hope this helps you, guys, especially next time you're unwell. These products help me and maybe they'll help you too! If there is anything that helps turn your frown upside down (lame, I know) please let me know! 

*This product was sent me for review, however all opinions are my own. I was not paid for this review.

Always look your best,

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  1. Ugh! I hate getting sick! I usually find when Winter rolls around I get a cold and then the blocked/runny nose sticks around for the whole season! It's so annoying. Lovely picks though, I just bought the Kosmea Rosehip oil and I'm really liking it! I also have a Lush lip scrub which is perfect in Winter when my lips are all flaky and gross.

    x Tashi

    1. Getting sick is the worst, isn't it? I totally know what you mean. I always find I sniff and sneeze my way through winter too. The rosehip oil is so hydrating and my oily skin is loving it. I love the lip scrub too. It just ... works!

      Thanks for reading and I'd glad you liked my picks. Xx

  2. Love the Lush lip scrub. I have the popcorn version, but I think I might get the mint julips one next!

    1. I definitely recommend it. I love that the minty taste means you don't feel bad using it after brushing your teeth at night. X

  3. Great post. I know how you feel with all the symptoms hitting you hard.
    Some products just makes life more bearable during those sick days!

  4. I LOVE korres lip butters, they are so nice on the lips, so hydrating! :)


  5. Great picks! I love the effaclar duo, rosehip oil and the lush lip scrub! I really want to try the korres lip butters, I've heard great things xx


  6. Some great picks in there! My lips are the worst when I get sick... sooo dry and gross, not even the lip scrub helps me!


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