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August 05, 2013

Parlez Vous Francais? | Parisian Beauty Haul

If you've read any of my recent posts I'm sure you know that my Mum's been jet setting around the place lately, travelling to both France and Ireland. Being the beauty lover that I am, it was only natural that I sent her with a list of products to pick up from Sephora for me. Sure, I could've ordered most of these products from Sephora when I placed my order last month but then I couldn't say they were from France, could I?
Most of the things I asked my Mum to pick up where from French brands because, well, it just made sense, and she got me a few extra bits 'n' pieces.
To see what my Mum picked up for me, keep reading!

YSL Le Teint Touch Éclat in B30
I've tried a few samples of this foundation in the past and, although I really, really like the product, I couldn't justify paying the $78.00 we pay here in Australia. My Mum paid 44€ for this which is about $65.00 AUD! I've used this twice as I only got it a few days ago but I'm already completely in love.
YSL Crème Blush in #9 Baby Doll
After seeing this in various YouTube videos I asked her to pick it up on a whim, hoping I'd actually like it. Not only do I like it, I absolutely LOVE it. It's the most beautiful bright pink blush that leaves a bright but pastel flush of colour on the cheeks. Not only is the colour amazing, it's the only crème blush I've found that applies well with the fingers. Score! My Mum paid 36.5€ for this which is about $54.00 AUD!
Estee Lauder Pure Colour Duo in Shell
After seeing Zoe from Zoella absolutely rave about the eyeshadow duo in Raisins I asked my Mum to pick it up, mainly because I wanted to try the reddish colour which seems similar to MAC's Cranberry (which I now own and you could too!). Unfortunately the duo has been discontinued (I'm determined to find one!) but the sales assistant said Shell is very similar. Whilst these aren't colours I would tend to buy for myself, I think they're really lovely and I can't wait to use it. My Mum paid 34.9€ for this which is about $52.00 AUD!
Sephora Softening Facial Mist
Mum wasn't able to find the Caudelie Beauty Elixir and, although she has no idea what it was, she picked this up in place of it. They're quite different products but I think the concept is quite similar. I think this will be so refreshing in the summer months, my least favourite time of the year. This product isn't on the receipt Mum gave me so I don't know how much it was.

La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo
Like most beauty lovers, this is one of those products that I've wanted to try for a very long time. I was excited when Priceline started stocking the range, of course, but have been unable to pick it up because of my spending ban. I got around this by asking my Mum to pick it up for me. I love the fact that it's French too! I'm not sure how much this was.

Sephora Collection Crème Lavante Mains Fleur de Coton
Given that there's only two people living in my house, my Mum and I have our own bathrooms and she knows how much I love cute things like this to make my space more .. me. This Cotton Flower Hand Wash is super cute and will look great on my counter when I've finished my one from Soap and Glory. My Mum paid 4.5€ for this which is about $6.50AUD!

Sephora Collection Limes à Ongles
My sister and I are both ALWAYS looking for nail files so it's no surprise that Mum bought these for both of us. This is a pack of two typical nail files but, of course, I love the fact that they say Sephora all over them! My Mum paid 4.5€ for this which is about $6.50AUD!
Finally, my Mum went to Ireland and managed to track down some second and third cousins of hers which was all very exciting. With that in mind she bought us both Claddagh rings. This ring represents love, loyalty and friendship and I think it's just really cool. At the moment I wear it upside down because I'm single (drats, huh?) but apparently you turn it around when someone has your heart!
I'm so thankful for the amazing gifts my Mum gave me, especially the beautiful ring, and think it was the perfect 21st present. Thanks, Mum!
Have you tried any of these beauty products before? I'm super excited to review the YSL Le Teint Touch Éclat and Crème Blush for you. They're both absolutely beautiful!
Always look your best,

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  1. LOVE the YSL le teint touche eclat foundation! I've never gotten into cream blushes, as I hate anything cream-like on my brushes (because I don't wash them as much as I should). So it's great that you can use your fingers with that YSL blush. *adds to lustlist*

    1. It's a great foundation, isn't it? So light coverage compared to what I'm used to so I'm really loving the change! As far as cream blushes go, I don't mind having to use a brush but I don't like having to put a lot of work into it. Powder is quicker for me generally but this one is amazing. Definitely check them out!! X

  2. That ring is so cute! Lusting over the beautiful cream blush you lucky thing!

    1. It's cute, isn't it? I love the fact that Mum bought herself one too!
      Oh, Sarah. The blush is beautiful. I highly recommend you check out the YSL Creme Blushes! I know I'll be heading into a store to try out a few more shades. X

  3. I tried a sample of the touche eclat foundation and whilst the finish was beautiful the staying power just wasn't there on me.

    1. Oh that's disappointing, Mishelle! I find that it wears okay at the moment but am not sure how it'll go in summer when everything is a bit hot and sticky. X

  4. awesome haul, lovely goodies :)

  5. ooh Sophie I've also been so tempted by the Raisins palette! That ring is so freaking cute what a sweet present for a best friend or something :)

  6. What an awesome haul of goodies. I like the look of the YSL blush. Love a bit of bright pink in my make up collection myself.


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