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August 30, 2013

How To Spot Clean Brushes Using MAC Brush Cleanser

Spot cleaning is a great way of cleaning brushes in between deep cleans. It removes all surface product from a make up brush, meaning that they don't need to be deep cleaned as often. I don't recommend using this technique in place of a deep clean but it's great for cleaning brushes between uses. Spot cleaning is also fantastic when you're doing multiple people's make up on the same day. Most people spot clean with an alcohol based product, meaning it dries quickly and the brush can be used again.

Whilst I frequently spot clean my eye brushes, I don't use this technique with my face brushes as I feel they need to be deep cleaned to remove the product effectively.

To see how I deep clean my brushes, keep reading!

My favourite product to use to spot clean my brushes is the MAC brush cleanser. This is an alcohol based cleanser cleans, disinfects and conditions brushes. In the past I've used Isocol and other isopropyl based cleansers but and I think they're all fairly similar. I do think the MAC one conditions my brushes more than others though!
To spot clean my brushes I pour a little of the MAC Brush Cleanser on the bristles of my brush (I don't normally do it on and outside table, no; that was for the good lighting!). I always do this on a piece of paper towel.
When the bristles are damp I swirl the brush around on the paper towel to remove the eyeshadow.
And there you have it, the brush is clean. The tips of the bristles look a darker, yeah, but that's just because they're a bit damp.

So, everyone, that's how I spot clean my eye brushes. It's super easy and works really well, especially when I don't want to go too long without being able to use my favourite brush.

Do you spot clean your brushes? What do you use to spot clean and/or deep clean them? Also, on the subject of brushes, what are your favourites? Tell me!

Always look your best,

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1 comment :

  1. I admit to being guilty of not cleaning my brushes regularly! I don't have this product or an efficient brush cleaner which encourages me to be more lazy and not treat my brushes to a good clean. When I actually do have the time, I soak my brushes in a conditioning cleanser :)


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