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August 22, 2013

Essence Color & Go Nail Polish* Review and Swatches

Essence Nude Glam #01 Hazelnut Cream Pie*, #107 Naughty and Pink!*, #145 Flashy Pumpkin*, #129 The Boy Next Door* and #149 Hello Marshmallow!* 

I've slowly accumulated a collection of the Essence Colour & Go Nail Polishes but and finally decided it was time to share them with you all. This is fast becoming  one my favourite nail polish formulas but, for some reason, I haven't given them much blog time in the past.

"The innovative formula specially developed for Essence. It unites particularly intensive, long lasting colour and shine effects with an extremely short drying time for perfect nail polish results. Of course, it does not contain any harmful ingredients such as formaldehyde, toluene and emollient phthalate" 
- Essence Colour & Go Nail Polish Media Kit
Essence Nude Glam #01 Hazelnut Cream Pie*, #107 Naughty and Pink!*, #129 The Boy Next Door*, #145 Flashy Pumpkin* and #149 Hello Marshmallow!* 

As you can see from the swatches above, the Essence Color & Go Nail Polishes* are incredibly pigmented. I did three coats of nail polish for the swatches above because there was going to be harsh lights on them for photographing but I think two coats would suffice for day-to-day wear. Whilst I think they're all quite opaque, I find the more vibrant colours with cream finishes (as opposed to those with shimmer running through them) tend to require less work in application. In saying that though, I've not come across a nail polish that's not opaque. 

"Thanks to the new patented professional brush application is easier and more fun than ever before. And the packaging is also new: the 8mL in a cool Essence design has even more content - with the usual colour-coded lid that is perfectly in line with the colour of the respective nail polish"
- Essence Colour & Go Nail Polish Media Kit

Oh my gosh, I love the brushes in these nail polishes. I tried to photograph is about 12 times but just got nail polish all over me so I gave up (don't photograph tired) so you'll just have to believe me about it, sorry. It's one of those wide brushes that coats the whole width of the nail  one swipe, making nail polish application a much quicker process.

These Essence Color & Go Nail Polishes dry really fast. I find that my first finger is almost ready for a second coat by the time I've finished painting my two hands. If you're like me and absolutely hate waiting for nail polishes to dry, you'll love how quick this is! 

I find that an Essence Color & Go Nail Polish manicure lasts three - five days on me, depending on what I've been doing at work and the condition of my nails etc. As a beauty addict who loves to change things up, this time frame is great for me because I'm normally bored of a colour by the fourth day. I'm just too impatient! 

All in all, I think the Essence Color & Go Nail Polish are great. Not only are they fantastic quality nail polishes but, at only $2.75 each, they're to pick up when you're not 100% sure about a colour. The Essence Color & Go Nail Polishes are available in 33 colours and come in a number of finishes including cream, shimmer and metallic finish.

I have my eye on a few colours from the Essence Color & Go Nail Polish range and I can't wait to pick them up post 50 Day Spending Ban. Have you tried them? What colours do you love? 

*This product was sent me for review, however all opinions are my own. I was not paid for this review.

Always look your best,

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  1. I've got the lilac colour and its really nice :-) The middle three are such a pop of colour love it!

    1. Hello Marshmallow is such a nice colour. It looks great with a silver as an accent nail. The vibrant colours are so opaque. They really pack a punch. X

  2. Lovely colors! I like hazelnut cream pie and hello marshmallow :D

    1. Hazelnut Cream Pie is a great nude and looks so nice under glittery polishes and Hello Marshmallow has the nicest shimmer to it. Argh, so pretty! X

  3. I love essence nail polishes :) I can't stop buying them because they're amazing and cheap! Miss Universe and english rose are two of my faves. English rose is a one-coater!!!

    1. Their nail polishes are so good and you don't even need to feel guilty for buying them. They're cheaper than a coffee! I haven't tried either of them but they're on the list, almost with almost every other colour. X

  4. Argh! Trying not to buy any more nail polishes, but godamn. Essence, you are so bad to me. *shakes fist* I'm telling myself to only buy Hello Marshmallow and Flashy Pumpkin because I don't have a soft lilac (it does remind me of a marshmallow though. Like adventure time marshmallow :3) and I only have a neon orange.

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