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July 29, 2013

SHOPPING RAMPAGE | Part Three: MAC Cosmetics

So, ladies and gents, here we are; I'm finally uploading the third part of my huge shopping rampage, my MAC haul! Surprisingly I didn't order much for myself but I did I pick up a few bits 'n' pieces which will be featuring in an exciting post tomorrow. I am actually quite surprised at how little I bought but, hey, there's a first for everything!!

First, I bought four more eyeshadow pans for my 15 Pan MAC Pro Palette. These are all colours I've been lusting over these colours for a really long time but have refused to pay AU prices for them, especially because nowhere in Perth sells the pans.
MAC Quarry | MAC Sweet Lust | MAC Cranberry | MAC Woodwinked
MAC Woodwinked | MAC Quarry | MAC Sweet Lust | MAC Cranberry

QUARRY: Soft muted plum-brown (matte)
SWEET LUST: Pinky rose (frost)
CRANBERRY: Red-plum with pink shimmer (frost)
WOODWINKED: Warm antique gold (veluxe pearl)

I'm so excited to own Cranberry. it's a shade I've been really wanting to try for quite some time now and, even though I've only worn it once or twice, I think it's absolutely beautiful already! In saying that though, I love every colour I picked up. I think MAC eyeshadows are some of the best!

I also picked up another product that I've wanted to try for so long because of those damn Pixiwoo girls, MAC's Glitter in Reflects Gold. This is a beautiful glitter that applies transparent but, as the name suggest, reflects gold. I've worn it once so far and I  can't wait to use it more. 

To be honest, I've very proud of the amount I picked up for myself. My MAC shopping list is always absolutely huge so it's surprising that I limited myself to just a couple of products. I guess that means I'm growing as a person, right? I also can't wait to share tomorrow's post with you all. I just know you're going to love it.

What do you think of the products I picked up? Have you tried any of them? 

Always look your best,

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  1. Very controlled :P I love the look of all the shadows you picked up! I think you'd love the shade 'bronze' it'd be perfect in your palette :)


  2. A great and smart selection of eyeshadows!
    Loving the 'woodwinked' one! :)

  3. loved quarry and cranberry

  4. You were actually very good! Well done, the shades are gorgeous.

  5. Ohh very controlled, I'm surprised haha! :P
    Loving the shades you picked! xx


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