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July 26, 2013

50 Day Spending Ban with Sweetaholic Beauty: TWO WEEK UPDATE

Today is the 16th day of my spending ban, meaning I have 34 days left. It's actually been a lot easier than I expected which is quite pleasant and, of course, my bank account is absolutely loving me. I'm collaborating with Jasmine from Sweetaholic Beauty and, after reading the updates on her last spending ban, I've decided to set out this update post similar to how she did hers!

What's Tempting Me?
Knowing how easy it is to order from stores in the US, it's so difficult to not just buy all of the things from Sephora. Yep, all of them! Also, Priceline has just started stocking a brand that's been raved about so much in the beauty community, La-Roche Posay. Whilst I'd love to try a few of their products, I've almost bought the Effaclar Duo so many times!

What's Making It Easier?
As I said, I've been finding it a lot easier than I expected. Last week I started working full-time, meaning I get up at 5.45am in the morning and get home about 5.30pm. You know what? That doesn't leave a lot of time for shopping! When I was part time I'd often make stops on the way home but now I really cannot be bothered unless it's essential. Score!

As you may have seen from my hauls (here and here), I recently placed a few orders from the US with birthday money. Whilst I placed them pre 50 Day Shopping Ban, the goodies have been arriving post ban. It's like shopping without shopping! 

My Mum's in France at the moment (I know, lucky so and so) and, of course, I gave her a shopping list of a few bits 'n' pieces I'd love for her to pick up from Sephora and a pharmacy in Paris. Sure, I could've ordered the stuff when I placed my orders but hey, why do that when you can get some of it from France? I asked her to pick up a few make up products as well as the La-Roche Posay Effaclar Duo I've been lusting over so much. I'm so happy it's a French brand!!

So, everyone, that's how I'm doing! I've bought a couple of things but I'm following all the rules and using vouchers! I didn't buy make up though, just a CD drive for my MacBook Air and Sims3 plus a few expansion packs. I used to be a total Sims addict and I'm so excited to have it back in my life!

Don't forget to head to Sweetaholic Beauty and check out Jasmine's blog! We're doing the ban together and I know she'd really appreciate the lovin'.

Always look your best,

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  1. I'm a former Sims addict too! Need to get back into it soooo addictive though

  2. I'm a current Sims addict haha! I still play it occasionally; not as much as I'd like to though! (Can never seem to find the time to sit down and have a good Sims session!)
    You're doing well though! I've had a few temptations but nothing huge! I'll do an update soon! :D


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