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July 10, 2013

50 Day Spending Ban with Sweetaholic Beauty

I feel like my spending is a little out of control at the moment. I've placed two Sephora orders recently plus one from MAC (both from the US and to be shipped to me using Hop Shop Go, a parcel forwarding service) and, even though it was all bought with birthday money, it's still a lot! 

At the start of this year a blogging friend of mine, Jasmine from Sweetaholic Beauty, participated in a 100 Day Spending Ban. Jasmine uploaded fortnightly updates detailing what she how she was going, what was difficult and how she was managing to resist the overwhelming urge us women feel to shop. I absolutely loved reading Jasmine's updates and thought about eventually participating in a ban myself. 

Long story short, Jasmine and I are doing a shopping ban together. She said the most difficult part of her ban was doing it by herself so this time we'll be able to give each other moral support! As this blog  title suggests, we'll be doing it for 50 days (because let's face it, could I really do 100 days?).

We're basically setting ourselves the exact same rules, however there may be a few things one allows whilst the other doesn't.

My rules 
Beauty products (inc. haircare, nail care etc), fashion and/or accessories, books, stationery and, well anything else. 

Skincare (my skin is too sensitive to mess around with using up bits 'n' pieces), body necessities (soap/body wash), giveaway prizes, birthday presents and spending vouchers (it was just my birthday so it'd be cruel to not let me!) 

The shopping ban will go for a total of 50 days and end on August 29, 2013

Last time Jasmine participated in a shopping ban she uploaded fortnightly updates and I really enjoyed reading them. I'm not entirely sure whether I'll be doing them yet though. I haven't quite decided!

Also, to make it a little easier for ourselves, we'll be doing a swap at the end. We'll be giving each other five of our favourite beauty products. I love the fact that, even though I can't buy beauty products for myself, I still can for someone else. I'm really excited to give Jasmine some of my favourite products and I may have already bought one. 

To read Jasmine's first post, including what she's not allowed to buy, click here

Always look your best,

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  1. Oh wow.
    I tried putting myself on a ban and I completely failed!
    The sales were too tempting!

    1. I'm being strong(ish) so far. Have spent money but it's been vouchers so it's totally okay, right? Ahaha x

  2. Good luck ladies! I'm having an absolute crap time trying to stop myself from buying anything.

  3. That's intense girl! Good luck! I myself too have noticed my spending is going haywire, so I might have to join in on your little idea too if you don't mind :)

    Ang x



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