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June 16, 2013

Give me some loving with Blog Lovin'

This is a post I've been meaning to write and upload for months now but I have finally gotten around to it! There's been a lot of speculation in the beauty community about the fate of GFC, Google Friends Connect. Google Friends Connect is basically how we follow blogs and view who's recently uploaded. You know the widget on the left of this post that tell you how I many followers I have? Those are GFC followers.

Anyway, rumour has it that, as of July  1, we'll be saying goodbye to GFC. If you ask me, surely it's some sick joke. I mean, the big guys at Google want people reading blogs from Google hosts such as blogger, don't they? Anyway, as a blogger and a blog reader, I started to become quite concerned about the fate of blogs; Who was going to read mine if the GFC feed disappeared? How was I going to keep track of my favourite blogs? 

Cue Bloglovin'. Bloglovin' is a site I've been registered with for quite some time but, until now, I've not really felt a need to use. I didn't really understand how to use it and never didn't follow any of the blogs I was following via GFC. When all these rumors came about, I imported all my follows into Bloglovin' and I love it! It's such a convenient way to keep track of the blog you love and, what's more, you can follow blogs from any hots, not just Blogger! 

With all this in mind, I'd really appreciate it if you took the minute to follow my blog on Bloglovin'! I always have my Bloglovin' icon on the left of my blog but you can also click here to be taken directly to my page. 

If you want to import all the blogs you follow from Google Reader into Bloglovin', check out this tutorial. 

So, everyone, that's it! What do you think about the whole GFC situation? Do you think it'll really disappear? Do you have a Bloglovin'? Let me know below and I'll follow you! 

Always look your best,

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  1. I already follow you here is mine I would love it if you give me a follow.

  2. A part of me thinks its just a rumour... but I've also heard that GFC will only disappear on non-blogspot hosted sites, like wordpress? And that those under Blogger, will still have the GFC widget but the way we see the blogs in our feed will change.

    Already following you :)

  3. Apparently only google reader is going, not GFC x



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