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May 20, 2013

Sophie's 21st Birthday Party: Part Two

If you haven't seen the first post in this series, let me catch you up. I'm Sophie, I turn 21 this year and my 21st party is in 34 days (not that I'm counting!). Given that I've spent the past few months organising my party, I thought it might be time to give you guys a bit of insight into my party and what I'm doing to celebrate, as well as any tips, tricks or genius (in my opinion) ideas that I've had. 

I'm going to spread this out over a couple of posts because I don't want to bore you all with a super long post! In my last post (click here to read it) I told you all about my party venue, invitation list, music and invitation and theme. This time I'm going to be talking about food/drink, decorations and a surprise for my guests! 

So, if you want to know more about my party, keep reading! 

I'm really lucky when it comes to food. I have an Aunty who's a great cook and a Mum who's a fantastic sous chef. Between the two of them, they'll be catering my 21st. They're already made a huge amount of homemade Beef & Guinness Party Pies (I've tasted tested them and, let me tell you, they're amazing!) which are now sitting safely in the freezer.
They'll also be making Pork & Fennel Sausage Rolls, Homemade Sushi and, to be honest, I can't remember what else. 
It all sounded delicious so I just decided to leave them to it!

My Mum will be buying beer and wine for my guests, however a majority of the people my age, myself included, drink spirits. 
I won't be supplying a lot of spirits because, well, they're expensive, but I want to have a bit available. Today I made my signature drink, Redskin Vodka, so that will be available for everyone! 
Image taken from my Instagram. Follow me @borntobuy 
I'll also probably do a punch but who knows, we'll see! 
Redskin Vodka: Empty 1/4 of the bottle of Vodka (I used a 1.125L bottle of Smirnoff Red Label vodka) into a cup/bowl. Unwrap a whole bag of Redskins and poke them into the bottle. If they won't fit down the neck of the bottle, don't force them. Instead, put them in the microwave for about 5 seconds. They'll soften up enough to fit. Once all the Redskins are in, add some of the vodka you removed back into the bottle. Don't fill it all the way but. You want some room to be able to shake the bottle. It won't all fit so I keep the rest in an empty bottle. After that, just leave the Redskins to dissolve! I like to do this as far in advance as I can so they have time to dissolve fully. NOTE: A film will develop on top of the vodka. Before serving, filter it. Enjoy and drink responsibility!

Decorations are something I'm still not 100% sure about. I'll be filling my garage/'dance floor'/where the juke box will be with helium balloons in two colours, pink and black. We've done that before for other parties and it's always really effective, especially because that's where people talk in for the party. Apart from that, I'm a little undecided. I'll probably drape pink and black streamers around the place to tie in with the invitation. If you have any party decoration tips, please let me know! 

Lolly Buffet
I'm having a lolly buffet for my guests at my party and I'm so excited about it. After having one at her wedding, my sister suggested we DIO (do-it-ourselves). Obviously I'm tying in my colour theme of pink, black and white into the lollies. I'll be setting up a table for my cake and lolly buffet, as well as the Redksin Vodka (it'll be pink so will totally match). I did some research online and, basically, for guests to 'fill' 8oz Chinese Take Away boxes (I got mine from this eBay seller) I'd need about 250g of lollies. I think my sister and I ended up ordering about 18kg of lollies, meaning 72 boxes can be filled! It's been to have more than too little. I ordered all the lollies from this site and I was soo happy with the service. 
As far as the jars and everything goes, I'm lucky that my Mum works with a woman that has done a few DIY lolly buffets in her time so I was able to borrow a bunch off her. I've also picked up a few of my own to add to the collection but that way I can mix and match! 

So that's everything I can think of for this post! As I said, I wanted to break the content up a bit otherwise it'd be soo long. What do you think of what I've said so far? Do you have any tips or tricks? Also, would you like to see a whole post on the Lolly Buffet after? I hope it turns out how I'm picturing it in my mind!

Also, don't forget to leave your questions about my party below! I'd love to answer them in a separate post. 

My next post in this series will be about answering any questions you guys have, as well as anything else I think I may have forgotten.

Always look your best,

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  1. Ohhhhhhh lolly buffet! I'm SO doing this next time I have a big party! I can't wait to see pictures!

  2. It sounds like you are going to have such a great night. Love the idea of having a lolly buffet.

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