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May 07, 2013

Sophie's 21st Birthday Party: Part One

I know I've mentioned this before but I really love birthdays. No, they don't have to by my own but, of course, that helps! Along with birthdays, I love celebrating them and organising parties. I  think I started planning my 18th the day after I turned 17 and so on. Given that I've spent the past few months organising my party, I thought it might be time to give you guys a bit of insight into my party and what I'm doing to celebrate, as well as any tips, tricks or genius (in my opinion) ideas that I've had. 

I'm going to spread this out over a couple of posts because, as I'm sure you know, I can get a bit rambly and I don't want to bore you all. I wasn't really sure how to structure the post so I decided to go in order of how I've planned for the evening. 

So, if you want to know more about my party, keep reading! 

Venue and Date
The first thing I did was set the date of my party. My party won't be on my actual birthday. It will be a couple of weeks before but I'll let you know when closer to the date (sometime in June).  
My party will be held at my house outdoors. My house has a great entertaining area which is so convenient as I love the comfort of having a party at home. I never completely feel like I can be myself at parties at halls/other hire venues. Is that just me? Anyway, yes, it will be at home!
Given that it's going to be the middle of winter and outside, it's important to think about the weather. It's always quite cool at my place but, luckily, we have an outdoor gas heater so that won't be a problem! 

Invitation List
The invitation list is just one of those things you need to know. This will help you with the organisation of everything, especially food and drink.
At the moment, I have about 60-70 people that I will be inviting. 

I have a lot of friends who are quite vocal about their music taste and, with that in mind, the idea of using an iPod makes my cringe. Why? Only because it's a prime opportunity for the sneaky so and sos to plug their phone in and dictate the music. Instead, I've hired an electronic juke box. I had one at my 18th also and it was a huge hit. With the juke box, people feel like they have control over them music for the party but, given that I can remove any genre from the list, it's really in my hands. Plus, there's a magic little remote with a skip button on it but I don't tell people about that. It's my little secret. ;)

Invitation and Theme
For my 18th I had a Hollywood theme, purely because I found some decorations I really loved online and I needed an excuse to use them. Whilst I loved the theme, themes can be really inconvenient and I decided I didn't want a theme for this party. Before deciding on decorations or anything like that, I decided I'd choose my invitations. This way, I'd have a nice little colour palette to go from when choosing balloons or whatever. I decided to have a look at invitation ideas on Etsy to see if there was anything I liked. I fell in love with the graphic below so will purchase that this week. From there, I will just print them as 4x6 photos and they're ready to post!
I think the girl that designed this is super talented (she has no idea I'm writing this) so be sure to check her out next time you're in the need for an invitation. Her link is in the image.
(I'll be using the image on the right with the pink and black as that's one of my favourite colour combinations)

So, ladies and gents, that's all I'm going to talk about in this post. As I said, I wanted to break the content up a bit otherwise it'd be soo long. What do you think of what I've said so far? Do you agree? Disagree? Do you have any tips or tricks? Also, don't forget to leave your questions about my party below! I'd love to answer them in a separate post.

Also, the next post in this series will be about food/drink, decorations and a surprise for my guests! 

Always look your best,

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  1. Oh how cute! I absolutely love the invitation designs! You chose a great colour scheme! :D

    1. Oh my gosh, I love it too. It's just soo cute. And thanks! I love pink and black. It's my go to colour combo. x

  2. I love the invites too! Haha i'm the same, love a birthday!

    1. Thanks, Sarah! They're cute, aren't they? Birthdays are just soo much fun! x

  3. The invites are such a nice design. I love jukeboxes at parties they really are great :)

    1. Thanks! I love the idea of jukeboxes too. They're so much fun! x

  4. Planning parties is really fun, especially when it's your own! I had a great time organising mine. The invitation you chose is great! I also love the idea of a jukebox. I had to play music via Apple TV through my tv with my computer in my room for my 21st because I have too many friends who like to hog the music. None of them could figure out where the music was coming from, haha.

    1. I totally agree. Planning parties are so much fun. I really love my invitation too. Thanks! The juke box will be so convenient. I love the fact that everyone can choose the music but I have the final say. x

  5. I LOVE how organized you are!!
    The invites are adorable! :)
    Jordy x


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