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May 13, 2013

Sometimes It Just Happens.. ANOTHER Priceline Haul

On Saturday I picked up a few bits 'n' pieces for myself, as well as some for my Instagram giveaway and another giveaway that you can expect soon. Anyway, I probably picked up a few more things that I should have but, you know what, I don't.

Let's get into what I bought!

Australis Eye Neutrals & Neons Eye Shadow & Neon Eyeliner Kit
I get completely sucked in by Limited Edition products, as well as those that are exclusive to stores, which is why I bought this little palette. I like the selection of colours it has and I can't wait to give it a try. 
This palette was $9.95. I'm pretty sure it was on sale but the Priceline site won't load it to tell me.

Rimmel London 60 Second Nail Polishes in #500 Caramel Cupcake and #620 How Do You Lilac It?
It's not like I need anymore nail polish but these two colours really appealed to me! I love a good neutral and a girl at work wears the most amazing pastel purple/lilac and I'm trying to find something similar. 
These polishes were $7.95 each

Essence Match 2 Cover! Cream Concealer 
I recently received a package full of new products from Essence, along with a couple of press releases listing even more up coming products. This product caught my attention in the release and I'm so excited to have it to play with.
This concealer was $4.25

Essence Mono Eyeshadow in #68 Strawberry Ice Cream
I fell in love with this eyeshadow as soon as I saw it! This is the most beautiful shadow and, although I haven't even tried it yet, I have a couple of posts planned which will feature this. 
This eyeshadow was $2.85

Sally Hansen Zebra Print Nail Board
I always find myself wanting to file my nails when I'm out and about and have been meaning to put a nail file in my bag.
This nail file was $2.36

*Australis and Rimmel London are both 3 for 2 at the moment but I also picked up a few  of my favourite products for upcoming giveaways. I also picked up a new razor but that's already in my shower! I've needed a new one for so long that I put it in my shower the instant I got home.

I'm super excited for my purchases. I can't wait to give this concealer a try tomorrow, as well as at least one of the shadows I picked up!

What do you think of this haul? Have you tried any of these products? What did you think of them? 

Always look your best,

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  1. The Neutrals and neons palette looks really cool (from the pics I've seen of it). I wanted to try the Essence concealer but when I swatched it in store, both shades were way to light for me :S. Lovely haul though!

    x Tashi

  2. Caramel Cupcake looks lovely!I love nude polishes :)
    Hope you have a good week,

  3. Priceline always gets me too!

  4. I haven't seen that australis pack before :O
    And that essence shadow looks really pretty !

  5. Loving the look of that Essence eyeshadow! Too pretty! I have the Australis Neutrals & Neons palette (I too can't pass up on the LE's) and I love it!

  6. Great haul! I can't wait to see what the concealer is like, it looks pretty good. I'd also like to know about the neon eyeliners, although it is LE so I probably wont be able to get my hands on them! x
    Beauty For Thought.

  7. The essence eyeshadow looks like a beautiful shade! I've never tried any of their eyeshadows but from what i've heard, some of them are pretty good! Looking forward to the posts that will feature it!


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