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May 18, 2013

Compare the Pair: Urban Decay Sin & Essence Cosmetics Strawberry Ice Cream

Whilst I really love my whole Urban Decay Naked Palette, I find myself gravitating towards Sin, a pink toned champagne colour, the most. If I could recommend only one colour from the palette it would be Sin. Sin is a beautiful eyeshadow colour but, at $21.42 on BeautyBay, it's not exactly the cheapest individual eyeshadow. I recently found a dupe for Urban Decay's Sin eyeshadow and I'm so glad to share it with you!

Essence's Mono Shadow in #68 Strawberry Ice Cream is a fantastic dupe for Urban Decay's Sin eyeshadow. They're both shimmery pink shades that work beautifully as a lid colour. 
Essence #68 Strawberry Ice Cream | Urban Decay's Sin 

To see how these eyeshadows compare, keep reading!

Whilst the colour of these shadows are quite similar in the pan, Essence's Strawberry Ice Cream is definitely a more pink toned eyeshadow. Urban Decay's Sin eyeshadow is a more pink toned champagne colour. In saying all this, however, they look very similar when applied to the lids. I know that's probably a big contradiction but it's what I've found. 

As I said in my Urban Decay Naked palette review (with swatches), I really love the formula of Urban Decay eyeshadows. They're incredibly smooth and absolutely beautiful. Whilst I really love them, I think the Essence eyeshadows are beautiful also, especially given their amazing price tag. Do I think Strawberry Ice Cream is as smooth as Urban Decay's Sin? No, but it's pretty damn close! 

Both of the above swatches are just one 'wipe' from the pan so, as you can see, they're both highly pigmented eyeshadows.

Urban Decay's Sin eyeshadow can be purchased individually or as part of the original Naked palette. An individual eyeshadow will set you back $21.42, whilst the whole palette can be purchased for $55.43 (equalling approximately $4.60 per shadow). In comparison, an Essence Mono Eyeshadow will set you back a mere $2.85.

If you want to know which I'd recommend, I honestly don't know. They're both lovely eyeshadows and I find myself reaching for both. If you're after this sort of shade and nothing else, I recommend going for the Essence's #68 Strawberry Ice Cream over an individual Urban Decay shadow. If you want to try out a couple, however, the Urban Decay Naked palette will be great for you! 

Always look your best,

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  1. Essence's #68 Strawberry Ice Cream sounds amazing. I originally didnt think that it would be such a smooth and shimmery shadow when looking at it in the pan but it looks so lovely in the swatch and for the price, I would lean towards purchasing the Essence eyeshadow instead of UD's Sin because they both sound very close in quality.

    1. It's a really beautiful colour! I didn't think it would be as smooth as it is but I should have known better. I think all Essence shadows are of exceptional quality. x


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