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April 07, 2013

Savoir Faire Cosmetics Mini Lipstick Review and Swatches

Sometimes it's nice to have the opportunity to purchase a product in mini, either to try it before you commit to buying it in full size or to have a travel/handbag size. Plus, who doesn't love a beauty product in mini form? There's just something super cute about them!
"With shades ranging from shimmering lights to sultry darks, these Savoir Faire Cosmetics Mini Lipsticks are perfect for a small clutch or purse and will create as much dazzle as our full size range. With all the same ingredients, such as beeswax, they will delight the wearer with their creamy texture, nourishing quality and water-resistance. All shades also lightly scented with vanilla, making for a delicious statement." 
- Savoir Faire 
The Savoir Faire Cosmetics Mini Lipsticks are a fantastic mini product. They provide you with an opportunity to test a product without investing in the full size and, as mentioned, are perfect for when you have limited space.
To find out more about these lipsticks, keep reading.
Savoir Faire Cosmetics Mini Lipstick Expose | Savoir Faire Cosmetics Mini Lipstick Grace | Savoir Faire Cosmetics Mini Lipstick Showgirl

I own three Savoir Faire Cosmetics Mini Lipsticks; Expose, Grace and Showgirl and I am super impressed by them! The first two colours (Expose and Grace) are frost finishes which aren't the sorts of colours I tend to wear, however I can definitely appreciate that they're great colours. I'm a big fan of Showgirl, however. Showgirl is a bright, blue toned fuchsia colour and I think it's absolutely beautiful.

As you can see from the images above, especially the swatches, these lipsticks are very pigmented. Each swatch is only one swipe and, let me tell you, they were a struggle to remove from my arm, even with Bioderma. 

My favourite thing about the Savoir Faire Cosmetics Mini Lipsticks is definitely the formula. They are absolutely beautiful! Firstly, these lipsticks have great staying power. I love wearing Showgirl when I want a bold lip for a night out, purely because I know it won't need to be constantly reapplied throughout the evening.

These lipsticks also smell and taste amazing. Seriously, amazing. They smell very similar to MAC lipsticks, vanillary and such, but a little more like a lipstick. That's a terrible description, yes I know, but I'm sure you (even if just sort of) get what I mean. Not only do they smell great, they taste like no lip product I've ever tried before. They are sooo sweet and delicious. It's to the point where you kind of WANT to lick your lips, just so you can taste it.

All in all, I think the Savoir Faire Cosmetics Mini Lipsticks are a great lip product. Whilst the full sized Savoir Faire Cosmetics Mini Lipsticks come in 11 beautiful shades, the Mini Lipsticks come in only 6, however each of the shades of Mini Lipsticks can be purchased as full size. I think these are a great alternative to full sized lipsticks, especially if you're not sure if the Savoir Faire Cosmetics lipsticks are for you and, at only $7.50 each, I recommend everyone gives them a try. Giving these a try has definitely made me want to pick up a couple of the full sized lipsticks, especially Deja Vu.

Have you tried any of the Savoir Faire Cosmetics lip products? What would you recommend? Also, have you tried any of their face products? I've heard great things about the Concealer Pack and would love to pick it up eventually! 

*These products were sent me for review, however all opinions are my own. I was not paid for this review.

Always look your best,

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