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April 02, 2013

Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet + Mattifying Foundation Review

If you've been following Born to Buy for a while now you'll know that I had the opportunity to try Make Up For Ever's HD Foundation thanks to the lovely people at Media Makeup Store. I was sent the Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet + Mattifying Foundation at the same time and, after using it for a while now, it's safe to say that I love this one too! 
'The Mat Velvet + foundation conceals skin imperfections, evens out the complexion and matifies with a non-oily powdery finish. The result is flawless and lasts for hours. Its smooth, fluid texture is very stable, water-resistant and long-lasting. While it has a good coverage, it is also easy to apply. The end result can be fitted to your needs. Applied lightly, Mat Velvet + provides a natural, matte look to the complexion. Using several layers to help conceal blemishes creates a supple and elastic velvety finish. This new oil-free and non comedogenic formula is suited to sensitive skins." 
- makeupforever.com 
Firstly, I would very much agree with the claims made by Make Up For Ever in regards to this foundation, something that rarely happens. Whilst I've not owned this foundation during an Australian winter yet (looking forward to seeing how it goes as the weather cools down), I find myself gravitating towards it a lot in the warmer weather, purely for its mattifying properties. 

My favourite thing about this product is the level of coverage it provides. The Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet + Mattifying Foundation has really great coverage which is something I look for in a product! The coverage can be determined by the way it's applied but, to be honest, I'm a full coverage kind of girl. This foundation provides me with full coverage without looking mask like! 

Before applying Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet + Mattifying Foundation
After applying Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet + Mattifying Foundation

I've been having some skin issues lately (read about them here) so I thought it would be a good time to show you the product in action. From the images above you can see that the Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet + Mattifying Foundation does a great job of concealing and neutralising redness. 

The Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet + Mattifying Foundation applies well with brushes or fingers so the level of coverage you want can be determined by application. On days where I want lighter coverage, I apply this product with my fingers. It goes on so smooth and blends out seamlessly. When I'm having a bad skin day and I want more coverage, I use my Real Techniques Stippling Brush.

As someone with oily skin, I love that this foundation has a matte finish. I still find myself setting my t-zone with powder but I think that's more of a habit and a security blanket than a necessity. The Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet + Mattifying Foundation is great for someone like me as I find myself blotting my foundation far less when I use it. Whilst this foundation has a matte finish, it doesn't leave my skin looking flat or one dimensional. I think that's one of the reasons I love this product so much. The bottom image above shows the way in which the product still reflects light.

As someone who has very troublesome skin, I definitely need my foundation to stay all day and the Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet + Mattifying Foundation definitely does! I don't find that it settles into pores or around blemishes and it wears nicely. 

If you have oily skin or prefer a matte finish, I would definitely recommend the Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet + Mattifying Foundation. If you have dry skin, however, I don't think this is the product for you. The matte finish isn't recommended for you skin type. Instead, I'd try the Make Up For Ever HD Foundation. The products are very similar in quality and coverage, but I find the HD Foundation to be a more moisturising formula. 

As you can tell, I don't have anything bad to say about this foundation. It's a fantastic product and I'm so thankful to have had the opportunity to try it. 

This foundation can be bought for $58.00 from Media Makeup Store and I think it's definitely worth it!

Also, are you are qualified make up artist? Apply for Media Makeup's Trade Discount. All make up artists are eligible to receive 25% off from Media Makeup Store, whilst make up students and Beauty Therapists can receive 15%. What a great deal! For more information, click here

*This product was sent me for review, however all opinions are my own. I was not paid for this review.

Have you tried this foundation? Do you have any Make Up For Ever product recommendations? What do you love to combat oil and shine throughout the day? 
Always look your best,

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  1. Sophie, what shade do you wear in this? I'm about your coloring and would love to try this, but there's no MUFE counter where I live so online it is :)



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