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April 09, 2013

Accidental Shopping: Target, Big W and Priceline Beauty Haul

Last weekend I did some accidental shopping. You know the type when you head into a store for toner or a few staple products and come out with enough make up to create a full look? It was one of those occasions.

Let's be real, the reason for the shopping trip was Revlon's rerelease of a cult favourite foundation but, being Sophie, I couldn't just stop at that. I picked up a few new things, including some limited edition products and new releases so let's get into it! 
To see what I bought, keep reading.

Clean and Clear Advantage Fast Clearing Spot Gel and Clean and Clear Essentials Oil-Control Toner
My skin has been playing up quite a bit lately (click here to read more about it and see a photo) but I've really been enjoying using these products, especially the spot treatment. I was running low on both and, given that Priceline was having a 20% off sale on Clean and Clear, I decided to purchase them both. 
I paid $7.19 for the spot treatment and $5.19 for the toner!

Revlon Colorstay Foundation WITH a Pump
Being an old school Colorstay user, I'm so excited that this has a pump and really interested to see how the formula has changed. I finished my last Revlon Colorstay so long ago so it's so nice to be able to have it back in my collection.
This foundation will retail for approx. $34.95 at Priceline but I picked it up at the introductory price of $25.00 

Nail Rock Designer Nail Wraps in Tribal Gold
I follow Priceline on Instagram and they've been uploading photos in relation to these products for a while now, with the brand launching in stores last week (I think..). I was so excited to see all the products in my local store and, after much deliberation, I picked up this design. There's many more I'd like to try though! 
These nail wraps set me back $13.99

Essence Home Sweet Home Trend Edition Eyeshadow in #01 Happy Couching | Essence Home Sweet Home Trend Edition Blush in #01 Knit for Chicks | Essence Home Sweet Home Trend Edition Blush in #02 Wool-d You Cuddle Me? | Essence Home Sweet Home Trend Edition Eyeshadow in #02 Light The Fire, Place 
Essence Home Sweet Home Trend Edition Blush in #01 Knit for Chicks (each colour and them blended) | Essence Home Sweet Home TE Blush in #02 Wool-d You Cuddle Me? (each colour and them blended) | Essence Home Sweet Home TE Eyeshadow in #01 Happy Couching | Essence Home Sweet Home TE Eyeshadow in #02 Light The Fire, Place 

It's no secret that I love Essence Cosmetics, especially their Trend Editions and limited edition products. When I saw the Essence Home Sweet Home Trend Edition I had to pick up some of the stuff, leaving with four products. There were three eyeshadows but I didn't really like one and I picked up both blushes. I have a whole post on the Trend Edition coming soon so stay tuned.
The blushes were $5.50 each and the eyeshadows were $3.50

Finally, I just wanted to let you guys all know about a bargain I take advantage of a fair bit! I use make up pads A LOT, using them with toner and to remove nail polish. Whilst the Swisspers Make Up Pads 80 packs retail for about $3.50 (don't quote me, I can't quite remember the price), I regularly pick up the Swisspers Mega Pack from Big W. This pack contains 4 x 80 Make Up Pads and is only $8.48. Bargain! 

So that's everything I picked up a few days ago. It's not a whole lot of stuff, nor was anything that expensive, but it's definitely more than I intended buying. We all have days like this, don't we?

Would you like to see reviews on any of these products? Let me know! Also, do you use make up pads as much as me? 

Always look your best,

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  1. Can't wait to see how the nail wraps go! xx

    1. Oh, Sarah. It's not too good. I'm so terrible at applying them. I used them for an accent nail over the weekend but it only lasted a day. Eek. x

  2. Ohhh, that's a good tip re the swisspers rounds! Please let us know how the formula of Revlon Colorstay has changed - I'm very curious.

    1. Thanks! I thought it might be worth letting people know. I go through make up pads at such a rapid rate, using at least two a day, so it's definitely worth me buying them in bulk. I'll definitely keep you posted in regards to the Colorstay. I haven't used the previous Colorstay in quite a while now but I'm really enjoying this new formula so far! xx

  3. Ooh can't wait to get my hands on that essence collection! I also love the look of those nail wraps :)

    1. You'll really enjoy the products, Mishelle! I didn't pick up any of the lip products because, as you'll see in tomorrow's post, I don't need any more lipsticks. Ahaha. Would love to know if you pick up anything from the Trend Edition. I'm really terrible at applying nail foils so I'm very disappointed in the way I applied them to two nails as accents (my own fault, I know). Il'l keep trying though. x

  4. Those essence blushes look so good... Must. Resist.

    1. Ahaha! Do it, Abigail. Only $5.50 each. :P x

  5. Love the look of the home sweet home essence stuff! Especially love the look of the pink blush but the only one I could find was all smashed up :/ I hate it when people mess up essence products but don't buy them! GAH! Hahaha sorry for my rant.

    1. The blushes are absolutely beautiful. I've been wearing them religiously since I bought them. Oh, how disappointing! I hate it when people do that. Why do they ruin it for us?! xx

  6. The nail wraps look really cool. I checked them out the other day but didn't get any because I already have 2 lots of wraps sitting unused - I'm too scared to use them because then they'll be gone.
    I cant wait to read your post on the new Essence collection! It looks awesome.

    1. I'm soo terrible at applying nail wraps so, to be honest, I don't know why I bought them. They'll be a great investment for people who can do it but, for people like myself, it's pointless unfortunately. The post of the new Essence Trend Edition will be up tomorrow! x


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