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March 16, 2013

LUSH Ro's Argan Body Conditioner Review

I received a small pot of LUSH's Ro's Argan Body Conditioner in my August Bellabox. Given that it was a product I've wanted to try for a while, I was thrilled to be able to try it. As I'm sure you all know by now, a big fan of LUSH's products (especially their skincare), so it's always exciting to have an opportunity to try yet another of their products!
"A beautiful, rose jam scented body conditioner that's full of the most emollient, moisturising ingredients possible to feed and nourish the skin. There's cypress oil, capuacu butter, Brazil nut oil, cocoa butter, shea butter and super softening almond oil, along with Argan oil of course, which is rich in vitamin E and incredibly moisturising and smoothing on the skin. There's also a touch of spring water to cool the skin down. The 20% glycerine locks in all this moisture, leaving your skin soft, smooth, supple and the fragrance leaves you delicately scented like a rose bush being kissed by the first rays of morning sun." 
- Lush Australia  
Initially this product really freaked me out. Why? Because it's basically a conditioner for your skin. Yes,  I know that's obvious from the name but I didn't realise that would mean I had to use it like a conditioner, in the shower on wet skin. I find moisturisers work best when applied to skin when I first get out the shower so it makes sense, it's just something that took a little getting used to.

This product has quite a strong rose scent. Whilst I found it quite appealing, people who aren't a fan of roses should probably stay away. When I read in LUSH's description that there was cocoa butter in the product, I was a little apprehensive about using it. I find that many products with cocoa butter in them give me a headache so I try to stay away from them as much as I can. Luckily this was all good, however! Notes of vanilla make it fantastic for all over the body! 

Ro's Argan Body Conditioner is packaged in a black post, much like many of their products. As I said, however, I had a sample of this product so mine came in an Ultrabalm tin containing 45g of product. 

This consistency of Ro's Argan Body Conditioner is quite similar to a hair conditioner in the sense that it's quite thick but thins out as it's applied and mixes with water. What I would have to say, however, is try not to get too much water in the product itself. I recommend turning the water off before applying this product in the shower, purely because you don't want water to get in and interfere with the formula. It's quite thick, meaning that it doesn't become messy during application. I would imagine that, as water gets into the pot, it becomes a lot runnier and difficult to work with.  

After I came round to the idea of using a body moisturiser in the shower, I was pleasantly surprised by it! I applied it (mainly to my arms and legs) after washing and left it on whilst I conditioned my hair. When I washed it off, a small amount of product was left on the skin but, of course, that's the point!

My skin feels very moisturised when I use the Ro's Argan Body Conditioner. There's a slight oil finish to it but that doesn't bother me. In saying all that, however, the residue left behind is not uncomfortable. Once dry, it feels like any other moisturiser that's been applied. I thought the consistency of the product may make it feel quite heavy on the skin, even when dry, but that's not the case at all!  This is a product I used at night to ensure that it won't stick to clothes etc. Using it at night also ensures that, whilst there's a slight rose scent the next day, it won't interfere with my perfumes. 

After only one use, my arms felt softer than they have in ages. It's honestly a miracle product! Not only did they feel softer, they looked softer! It sounds weird, I know, but just go with it, people.. I have quite dry elbows (I thought it was just me but apparently it's a thing?) and I found this product to be lifesaver in that regard. It definitely hydrated them better than anything else I've tried! 

Finally, I found myself using the 's Argan Body Conditioner for a completely different purpose. As I said, I had a small tin of the product that I received as part of a monthly beauty subscription service. As my tin came to an end and I realised I probably didn't have enough for another full body use, I started using it as a cuticle oil/balm/conditioner. It was perfect! I sat the little tin on my bedside table and every night I'd apply a small amount to my cuticles, rubbing it in to ensure it was slightly absorbed before bed. By the time I woke up, it was completely absorbed and, after a few uses, my cuticles were looking more moisturised than I'd ever seen them. 

I'm not going to lie to you all, I thought I was a bit of a genius for using the left over product in an innovative way. I then saw the above image on LUSH's Australian Facebook page and realised I wasn't quite as clever as I thought. It seems there's a multitude of ways to use Ro's Argan Body Conditioner. My redemption is that cuticles is not listed on the image and, no, 'Hand & Body Lotion' does not count. I thought it up, okay? 

This is a great all round product. Not only did I love what it did to my body, but I also loved the way it rescued my sad little cuticles. I haven't repurchased this product yet but that's purely because, as a beauty blogger, I have so many products to get through! It's definitely on my list of products to repurchase. This product is $29.95 for 225g. Unfortunately it only comes in one size but it will last you a while! My tin lasted me for at least two full body uses which, given the size, really impressed me!

There's only one way that I think this product could be improved and that has nothing to do with the product itself; MAKE IT IN THE ROCKSTAR SCENT. Rockstar soap is probably my all time favourite LUSH product (definitely my favourite body product from LUSH) and I could literally smell it all day long. In fact, I have 100g sitting next to me on my blog desk, purely so I can smell it. Always. 

Remember, if you're not sure how you'll like the 'conditioner' type body product or can't decide if the rose scent is something that appeals to you, head into your local LUSH store and grab a sample! LUSH staff (or LUSHies, as they're apparently known as) are some of the nicest sales assistants I've ever come across and will go above and beyond to ensure that you like a product before selling it to you.  

I also want to remind you guys about the LUSH black pot recycling program. I thought this was quite widely known but a few people have asked me about it lately, so I figure this is a great opportunity to explain it. It's very simple. Take back five black pots from LUSH and receive a  free Fresh Face Mask of your choice! The black pots that are returned are recycled (I assume to be used for products again?) or used as art material. As someone who's obsessed with LUSH skincare, I have a constant supply of empty black pots and, to be honest, I can't remember the last time I paid for a Fresh Face Mask. My recommendation? Catastrophe Cosmetic! It smells amazing and leaves my skin feeling so soft and radiant!

Have you tried this before, ladies and gents? What did you think of it? It is something you'd be interested in trying? Does anyone here love Rockstar as much as I do? My obsession is borderline ridiculous. 
Always look your best,

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