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March 28, 2013

I have sensitive skin? Whattt? Why didn't anyone tell me?!

My skin has always been somewhat troublesome, as chronicled in my LUSH Skincare Challenge Series. It's never been perfect and I've always been prone to blemishes, even when I found a skincare routine that I deemed to be working for me. The other day, however, I had a light bulb moment as my skin went nuts due to a product/concoction of products that didn't agree with me. You know those moments when everything just falls into place and you just sit there thinking 'ohhhhh'? Yes, one of those moments. You know what? It turns out I have sensitive skin! 

My skin often reacts unfavourably to new skincare products unless they working well for me. I know that's a given, but I guess I'm trying to get across the point that the product just doesn't not work for me, it makes my skin flare up. A lot. For the longest time I thought that's what everyone's skin did. I thought that's how people knew if a product was going to work for them or not and that was it. That is, of course, until I realised that so many beauty bloggers are able to change up a product in their skincare routine purely for review purposes, something that I would never do. 

I have sensitive skin!

After being obsessed with beauty and all things related (including skincare) for years now, you would think this is something I'd realised by now but no. As I said, I just thought that's how everyone's skin was!

Below is an example of what I mean. In the past two weeks I've tried four different products (a cleanser, eye make up remover, daytime moisturiser and night cream). I'm not sure if it was one product or more that caused the 'flare up'/breakout shown below, but it was definitely something! 
Now that everything has cleared up I'm 90% sure I know what the culprit was but, until I know for sure, I don't want to announce/review anything. I've started using some products I was sent that are designed to tackle break outs and, only three days after the photo above was taken, I can already see drastic improvements in my skin. 
This is my skin a mere three days after the first image was taken. I've stopped using all the products I was using and, obviously, one of them wasn't agreeing with me! Hopefully my skin clears up fully soon and I can get back to not needing a full face o' make up.

Anyway, lovies, I just wanted to update you on the craziness that is my skin and let you know that you probably shouldn't expect too many skincare product reviews in the future. If I find that the products and work to combat my troublesome skin, I'll definitely let you know! I'm lucky that my skin doesn't flare up with cosmetics, however, so stay tuned because I have some exciting product reviews and launches in the works! 

What skintype do you have? Do you have products that work for you? Have you learnt your lesson and STOPPED testing random products? 

Also, if you're one of the people that's been super supportive via Twitter and Instagram whilst I've been chronicling my skin flare up, thank you so much! I really appreciate it and it's nice to have people being so lovely when my skin's being so crappy. Whilst my skin is improving I've been uploading a daily progress photo and the feedback on them is also so kind. Thanks! 
Always look your best,

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1 comment :

  1. Oh Sophie that's terrible! what happen to your nose? You have to stop trying those products!


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