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March 22, 2013

Discontinued Products: Why, Essence? WHY?!

It is with great sadness and a very heavy heart that I tell you that, yes, Essence is discontinuing some of their great products, including a few absolute favourites of mine. Before I continue and tell you what's going, I just want to ask why? Well no, I know why but, seriously, why? I know companies discontinue products to make room for new ones but, well, why can't they just keep the old and release the new?! I want to have my cake and eat it too, dammit! 

(Sorry, as you can see, I get far too attached to cosmetics and, therefore, sulk like my three year old nephew when I have to say goodbye to them!)

It's time for me to be a grown up and accept the fact that I'm not going to be able to repurchase a few of my favourite Essence beauty products, I know. I did, however, want to write this post so I could tell you what you won't be able to get for much longer. If you like anything written about below, it's time to head on to your local Priceline or Target (if you're in Australia, that is) and repurchase these bad boys before it's too late! 

The following products are being discontinued (I don't know the shade names for them but I do have the shade numbers, I hope that's enough for you to cross reference with products in your collection!) 

Color & Go Nailpolish in #102, #108, #110, #116, #117, #118, #119, #121, #123, #124, #127, #130, #133, #139, #140 and #142
Nude Glam Nailpolish in #06
Individual Eyeshadow in #11, #16, #22, #30, #34, #45, #51, #52, #54, #56, #57, #59 and 60
Quattro Eyeshadow #01
Fix & Matte! Translucent Loose Powder
Forget It! 3in1 Concealer
Gel eyeliner #01 and #05
Gel Eyeliner Brush
I Love Runway Highlighter 
I Love Stage Eyeshadow Base
Kajal Pencil 18
Lipstick #40, #50 and 59
Mattifying Compact Powder #07
My Base-Illuminating Make-Up Base
My Base-Skin Perfection Make-Up Base
Sun Club Large Bronzing Powder in #01 and #02
Smokey Eyes Set #01 and #02
Stay All Day Long Lasting Creme Eyeshadow in #1, #2, #6, #7, #8 and #9
Stay With Me Longlasting Lipgloss #09
XXXL Shine Lipgloss #05
Information and Image retrieved from Essence Au Facebook Page

That's a whole lotta stuff, isn't it? Now you can see why I'm so sad. If you're thinking about picking up any products that are being discontinued, here are my recommendations - 

I absolutely LOVE all of the Stay All Day Long Lasting Creme Eyeshadows. For swatches, click here. My favourites are #02 Glammy Goes To and #09 For Fairies. They are absolutely beautiful.
The black gel eyeliner, #01, is incredibly pigmented and, of course, it's one of the two they are discontinuing. I'm assuming they'll release something in it's place but definitely try it out if you still can!
I own five of the Essence Gel Eyeliner Brushes. Yes, five. A little excessive? I think not. I use them for my brow wax, brow powder, lower lashline detail and, of course, to apply gel liner!
I use my Fix & Matte! Translucent Loose Powder to see my undereye concealer every single day. I recommend it to everyone and now they can't buy it!

Anyway, I'll survive but will you? Are they discontinuing some of YOUR favourite products? I hope not! What do you recommend I pick up before it's too late? Quick. I need recommendations!
Always look your best,

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  1. OH NO!!! Thank you for letting me know... I would die without the Essence Gel Liner! I'll be heading out tomorrow to buy about ten little pots of this!!! Screw the spending ban, this is important! :O

    1. No worries! I'm glad you've found this post useful. I was hoping people would hop to it and pick up their favourites before we have to say bye bye. I think it's strange that Essence is discontinuing a basic product such as the gel liner so I'm assuming they'll replace it with a similar product. Surely, right? xx

  2. This is very sad I only just recently got into Essence products so haven't had much of a chance to see which products I like & don't like so I guys I'm going to just buy everything in case I love it haha but I've heard great review on the Eyeshadow primer so will definitely need to get some of that.
    I love the gel eyeliner brush I'm not the biggest fan of the gel liner itself but the brush is amazing I currently have 3 unopened ones. will probably need more of those too :)

  3. I am actually so surprised that Essence is making such a bad decision and getting rid of these much loved products. So silly.

  4. I love the gel eyeliner and the eyeshadow base. I think the products they're discontinuing are their most popular so I have no idea why they would do this :( Hopefully the new products that come in are just as good, if not better!

  5. this might be a little late but do you know what month they are discontinuing these products?!?!

  6. WHY did you discontinue Essence Mattifying Compact Powder (shade: 07 translucent)in Canada!!!!!!PLEASE BRING BACK!!!!!!!!WE fair skinned people have to use lighter shades like this one!


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