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February 07, 2013

Ulta 3 Over the Rainbow Nail Colour Review

In my most recent Nails of the Day post I featured the latest Ulta3 nail polish to arrive in my collection, Ulta3's Nail Colour in Over The Rainbow. I was so impressed with the nail polish that I decided I had to tell you all about it. 
Ulta3's Nail Colour in Over the Rainbow is a super glittery polish, consisting of red, gold, blue and pink glitter in a clear base. The glitters are a variety of sizes, something that I really like. Variety is the spice of life, right?

The photo above provides some indication of the colour and size of the glitters. As you can see, the lovely people at Ulta3 weren't shy with the glitter in Over the Rainbow. Yes, this is a glitter polish where you can actually see the glitter! I found the nail polish brush picked up enough product to generously coat one hand of nails. 
One coat of Ulta3 Nail Colour in Over the Rainbow
Two coats of Ulta3 Nail Colour in Over the Rainbow
Three coats of Ulta3 Nail Colour in Over the Rainbow
I took three photos as I painted my nails with the Ulta3 Nail Colour in Over the Rainbow to give you an indication of the amount of glitter each coat provides.

This nail polish dries fairly well. I always find that glitter nail polishes take longer to dry than normal polishes, however this was not a long process. When I felt my glitter nail polish was almost completely dry I applied a coat of Sally Hansen's Diamond Flash Rapid Dry Top Coat.

I'll be interested to see how long this polish wears for and, hey, it might just feature in favourites post! This nail polish is only $2.00, everyone, so I'd definitely consider picking it up!

For your reference, I applied Ulta 3 Over the Rainbow Nail Colour over the top of Essence Nude Glam Nail Polish in #01 Hazelnut Cream Pie. To see my Nails of the Day with this nail look, click here. 

What do you think of this nail polish? Are you as impressed with the amount of glitter as I am? Would you wear this nail polish look? Also, have you tried any other Ulta3 glitter nail colours? Let me know!

Always look your best,

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1 comment :

  1. That's a ton of glitter! Definitely wasn't expecting that!


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