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February 10, 2013

Product Rediscovery: 1 Skin Solutions Vanilla Lip Balm

When you write a beauty blog and try as many products as I do, it's easy to forget about things and let them fall to the back of your collection. Surely you ladies get what I mean, right? 

In February of 2012 (on Valentine's Day, actually), I received a package form the lovely Raylene at 1 Skin Solutions. Whilst I reviewed the products a month later (click here to read it), I honestly don't think I gave it the 1 Skin Solution Vanilla Lip Balm enough of a review. In fact, I barely wrote about it at all.

I think you all know how much I love my Maybelline Baby Lips in Anti-Oxidant Berry, I recently rediscovered the 1 Skin Solution Vanilla Lip Balm. How did I forget about this in my collection? 

The 1 Skin Solutions Vanilla Lip Balm smells absolutely amazing. The website describes it as a 'sweet vanilla scent' and I couldn't have put it better myself. Whilst I often find super sweet vanilla scents to be very off-putting, somehow I'm really drawn to this. 

This transparent lip balm is one of the most moisturising in my collection. It applies so smoothy to the lips. Whilst it leaves an initially greasy (I don't know if that's the best word to describe it but that's what comes to mind) feeling to the lips, that is quickly absorbed and your lips are just left beautifully moisturised. 

Not only is this lip balm a great moisturiser, I find it's the perfect base for some lip products. Whilst I don't always apply lip balm underneath lipsticks, I find this is great for under lipglosses that I deem to be 'sticky'. It just creates a barrier between my lips and the gloss, meaning the texture isn't so irritating. 

Whilst the packaging isn't anything special, I love the fact that the traditional lip balm tube is black with a chic label. That should influence my opinion of the actual product, I know, but I'm a girl. It does.

The final thing I love about the 1 Skin Solutions Vanilla Lip Balm is the amount (or lack) of ingredients in this product. They are all handmade with love and simple ingredients;  petroleum, cocoa butter, Candelilla wax, beeswax, capric/caprylic triglyceride, vitamin e, sweetener and vanilla flavour. Too easy! 

All in all, the 1 Skin Solutions Vanilla Lip Balm is a fantastic product and, at $9.90 each, a total bargain! 

Finally, you know I love to share a promotion with you if I know about it. Raylene, the lovely owner of 1 Skin Solution was kind enough to ensure that she sent me all the information so I could tell you about them all! 

So there you go. There's some fantastic deals available now and hey, you don't even need to actually buy the lip balm in order to try it. How good is that? 

Anyway, I hope you like this Product Rediscovery post. Would you like to see more like this? Let me know!

Also, have you tried any 1 Skin Solutions products, in particular the lip balms? If so, let me know what you thought in the comments I'd love to know what you think of them.
Always look your best,

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1 comment :

  1. I really love this lip balm too! Mine went through the wash unfortunately :( Need to order it again!


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