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February 20, 2013

Name Born to Buy's Lip Balms Competition

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you'll know that I'm in the processing of creating Born to Buy lip balms. Yep, lip balms! I'm really excited to be doing this and, without the support of all my lovely readers, it wouldn't be happening.

A few weeks ago, on Facebook and Twitter, I asked people what their favourite lip balm flavours were. My goodness, so many people gave me their suggestions! If you did, thank you so much. The flavours will be as follows; vanilla, wild berry, pink lemonade and watermelon. These lip balms are now in production stage and I hope to have them in the next few weeks!

With that being said, the flavours don't have names! They have names, of course, but that's just the flavour names. 

To enter this competition, all you have to do it comment below with your suggestions of names for the flavours. Be as creative as you want! When you comment, please also tell me which flavour lip balm the name is for (in case it doesn't say so in your name suggestion) and your email address. The person who contributes the winning name for each lip balm flavour will win the flavour they've named. It's only fair, right?  

Next Wednesday, 27 February, I will be making the final decision and the winning names will be announced soon after. 

You can enter more than once per flavour and enter for each flavour! Seriously, run wild! I want as many options as I can to choose from. 

If you have any questions please comment below or asked me on Facebook or Twitter. I'm always around! 

Always look your best,

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  1. Where have you (vanilla) bean

  2. where have you (vanilla) bean
    pretty in pink (lemonade)
    (wild)berry me in kisses
    water(melon) you doing
    bahahahaha ily :p

  3. Vanilla names: Viva Vanilla, Vanilla Vibe
    Wild berry names: Bold & Berrylicious, Berry Ripe, Berry Passion
    Pink lemonade names: Lemonade Masquerade, Lemonade Escapade
    Watermelon names: Watermelon Crush, Melon Mystique

  4. Vanilla Killer
    Watermelon Felon
    Pink Lemonade Home Invade
    Wild Berry Scary

    From the Good B@$tch

  5. Vanilla~ Fifty shades of vanilla
    Wild Berry~ Luscious berry
    Pink Lemonade~ Ice cream soda
    Watermelon~ Nice Melons


  6. Killa Vanilla
    Merry Berry
    Afraid Lemonade
    Felon Melon

  7. pink lemonade- fruit tingle
    watermelon-pink parade
    wild berry-creaming soda
    vanilla- white magic

  8. pink lemonade- feisty fizzles
    watermelon- hot lips
    wild berry-rough and ready
    vanilla-angel dreams

  9. Vanilla Instinct
    Wild Berry Tales
    Pink lady lemonade


  10. Vanilla-Vanilla Smoothie.
    Wild Berry- Berry Souffle
    Pink Lemonade- Tickled Pink.
    Watermelon- Summer's Kiss


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