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December 08, 2012

What I'm Giving For Christmas, 2012

I haven't done a Gift Guide this holiday season because, to be honest, I didn't have that many ideas this year. In the past week or two I've found some great bargains, but it seems a bit late. Instead I want to show you what I'll be giving this Christmas. 

Peta, Carly, Mum, Mario, Tim, Amy or Remy, please exit this post now! I don't want you seeing what I got you.
**All images retrieved from the sites linked below

1. My First Remote Control Train - $20.00 from KMart
2. Furless Purple Power Make Up Brush Set - $49.99 from Furless 
3. Too Faced The Return of Sexy Palette - $55.95 from BeautyBay or $64.95 from Kit Cosmetics 
4. Remote Control Helicopter Control with iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad - $39.99 from Malebox
5. Nerf Gun - Assorted prices. Two pack at KMart for $20.00
6. Rocket Around The Tree Gift Set - $19.95 from LUSH
7. Snow Fairy Gift Set - $22.95 from LUSH
8. Jurlique Hand Picked Rose 2 Piece Collection - $38.95 from BeautyBay, $48.99 from Jurlique and $49.00 from Myer
9. Mrs Frosty From LUSH - $19.95 from LUSH

That's a majority of the presents I've bought and will be gifting this Christmas. I still have one sister to buy for, as well as a brother in law and half of my nephew's Christmas present. 

I have absolutely no idea what to get said sister, aged 25, so I'd love your suggestions! Also, what are you getting this Christmas? Have you forgotten to buy something for someone? That's okay! I have a Last Minute Gift Guide coming soon!
Always look your best,

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  1. I got a couple of Mr. Frosty packs from Lush. The hardest person for my to shop for is my father :(

    1. Men are so difficult to buy for, Natasha! I hope you were somewhat successful xx

  2. My family doesn't celebrate Christmas so I don't really have a lot of presents to buy. I only need to pick up one for my boyfriend :)

    I got the YSL holiday gift set for myself though (ordered it from the US as it was slightly better than the AUS one). The AUS one is $99 I think and is gorgeous if you have a high budget for a gift for your sister (or maybe split the present with someone?). Dior also has a nail polish holiday set that's nice and Lancome always does one with their juicy tubes :)

  3. I gifted some lush too as some stocking stuffers for friends, Im getting an IWATA Airbrush System from my hubby and foundations!


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