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October 01, 2012

Make Up Box Shop WINNER

The response I had to my most recent giveaway was overwhelming. I had over 200 entries, with some dedicated viewers entering every day. That's dedication, right? Right.

Before I get into who won (I always say this, I know..) I want to thank everyone for entering. I loved reading everyone's entries and it's been great seeing what people love and, therefore, would love to put in Glamour Make Up Box if they won.

And now, let's get into announcing the winner

And the winner issssssssssssss...

Lizzi Dunbar!
"I think I might branch away from makeup and put my earrings in it." 
Congratulations, Lizzi! You are going love this prize. As I'm sure you could see from my Make Up Set Up post, I absolutely LOVE my Large Glamour Box and it's been one of the best cosmetic investments I've ever made. Please email me at dontstopbuying@hotmail.com, to organise the postage of your prizeIf unclaimed within the 48 hours, a new winner will be announced. 

Thanks again to everyone who entered the competition! Also, a big thank you to The Make Up Box Shop for sponsoring this giveaway. I really appreciate it and can not wait to order another box soon(ish).

I recently celebrated my first year as a beauty blogger and will be uploading my birthday giveaway today or tomorrow so stay tuned!!  

Always look your best,

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