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September 24, 2012

Belated Shopping Haul

I know I'm meant to be saving money (please don't ask, it's going terribly) but last weekend I kind of, well, failed myself. I've wanted a cream product to contour with for a long time now and HAD to have one of the Pro Sculpting Creams from MAC!

After realising they were available I raced as quickly as I could to my local MAC counter. For some reason I didn't think they were on sale yet, and I was so scared that the colour that would be best for me would sold out.

Boy was I lucky I made it there when I did, too! The colour I preferred, Pure Sculpture (softened tan brown, as described by Temptalia) was unfortunately sold out so I opted for Coffee Walnut (a grey-ish medium-dark brown with subdued, orange-tan undertones and a slight green-cast, as described by Temptalia).

I'm very happy with the colour I bought (stay tuned for the review), however I may end up purchasing Pure Sculpture online after I am paid on Wednesday (someone, STOP MY SPENDING!). MAC Pro Sculpting Creams ate $41.00.
I have wanted to grab myself a set of these lanterns from Typo for a while now but, for some reason, hadn't! Anyway, I finally grabbed a set to put around my mirror. I think they will be a good 'touch' to my bed and I can't wait to put them up! These lanterns were $19.95 each.
LUSH's Tea Tree Water is a crucial part of my Skincare Routine and, therefore, I can not live without it. I'm almost out of my second bottle so I bought another. You can't actually run out, right? This 250mL bottle cost me $20.95.
Lastly, as always I managed to score a bunch of perfumes samples. A friend of mine had suggested I try her new favourite perfume, Cheeky Alice by Vivienne Westwood. Unfortunately both MYER and David Jones were out of samples of such perfume, however the sales assistants at both stores were more than willing to drown me with other samples. I managed to score more samples of two of my favourite scents, Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture and Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift. I love using these samples for my handbag make up bag.

So, everyone, what do you think of my purchases? Have you tried a cream product to contour with? What about the other products?

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  1. Love that haul! You are so lucky with the fragrance samples...I never seem to get a lovely SA when i'm in Myer & DJ's. :(

    1. Really? That's so frustrating. I talk perfumes with them and make it clear I'm always looking for new fragrances. This sounds terrible but it's best when they think they are going to make a sale..


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