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August 27, 2012

Saucy Sweethearts GIVEAWAY!

On Saturday I uploaded a haul featuring all the fantastic products I received from Saucy Sweethearts (to read the post, click here). As always, I was so excited to receive these products and looking forward to giving everything a try, however I decided  that it was only fair for me to share some of the goodies with you all. 

Sounds fair, don't you think? Let's get into it!
Left to Right: Grumpy Girl Body Spray in Lick Me All Over,  Cleanse Your Soul 3-in-1 Body
Bubbles in Black Raspberry Vanilla and Grumpy Girl Foaming Sugar Scrub in Aye Carumbai
I will be giving away the following products - 
  • Grumpy Girl Body Spray in Lick Me All Over: Cantaloupe, raspberries, kumquats and grapefruit infused with violets and jasmine 
  • Cleanse Your Soul 3-in-1 Body Bubbles in Black Raspberry Vanilla: Tart berry scent with just enough vanilla 
  • Grumpy Girl Foaming Sugar Scrub in Aye Carumbai: Margarita lovers won't believe how true this scent is to the refreshing salty-lime tequila drink that brings us so much joy 

These products all sound great and I'm not looking forward to parting with them, especially the Cleanse Your Soul 3-in-1 Body Bubbles in Black Raspberry Vanilla. It just smells incredible!


  • Post "I was sent by @Born to Buy - My favourite product in the giveaway is..." on Saucy Sweethearts' Facebook wall, ensuring that you tag Born to Buy's Facebook page. Failure to tag Born to Buy will mean that I won't be notified of the entry and, therefore, it may not be counted 
  • You may enter more than once, however each answer must be different
  • The winner will be randomly selected using random.org
  • The giveaway will be open for two weeks and will close on Sunday, September 9, at 6.00pm WST (West Australia time). The winner will be announced later that night.
Goodluck, everyone. As always, I look forward to reading you entries and I can't wait to share these products with a lucky winner!

Always look your best,

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  1. Great giveaway, thank you for this.!!

    Anita Black

  2. Awesome giveaway - I've tried to enter, however the tag doesn't work on my iPad - even when I go in via safari! :(

    1. Hi, Taya. I will enter you anyway as you have clearly tried to enter! If you see this before the competition ends, however, please just post on Saucy Sweetheart's page. I will still see the entry and it will definitely be included.


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