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August 05, 2012

Essence 'Rebels' Trend Edition Giveaway

August 05, 2012 | , , , ,
In June I was sent a beautifully wrapped package from Essence, much to my surprise. This package contained the products from their Rebels Trend Edition, as well as a press release with information on the products and their release. For swatches and reviews of the products within the collection, click here.

Along with a number of make up products, I was also sent the five nail polishes that will feature in the collection.

As much as I love the colours (especially now I'm trying to be more adventurous with my nail polish), I figured it would be only fair for me to share some of the goodies with you all.

So, without that in mind, it's giveaway time!
Left to Right: #04 Rebelizer, #01 Mauve like a Rockstar, #02 Rebel Delight, 
#03 Peach Punk and Rock Coat in #01 Punk Royal
I will be giving away the following products
  • Essence Latex Nail Polish in #01 Mauve like a Rockstar
  • Essence Latex Nail Polish in #02 Rebel Delight
  • Essence Latex Nail Polish in #03 Peach Punk
  • Essence Latex Nail Polish in #04 Rebelizer
  • Essence Rock Coat in #01 Runk Royal
Along with those polishes, the winner will also receive an Essence Quick Dry Top Coat (my top coat of choice at the moment) and Essence Express Dry Drops (I haven't tried these yet, however they're on my shopping list). The nail polishes will be packaged in a make up bag with a cute pin up girl on it. I saw the bag and couldn't resist.

  • This giveaway is open to Australian readers only (I think it's difficult to post nail polish overseas, sorry)
  • To enter, comment below telling me which product appeals to you most from the Trend Edition and why. For a list of everything in the Trend Edition, as well as swatches and my review, click here
  • You may enter more than once, however each answer must be different
  • To be eligible to win the giveaway you must be following this blog 
  • The winner will be randomly selected using random.org
  • The giveaway will be open for two weeks and the winner will be announced on Sunday, August 19, at 6.00pm WST (West Australia time)
Always look your best,

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  1. Stacey Bajkowski5 August 2012 at 20:58

    This collection looks awesome- really dig Rebelizer and Peach Punk, but think that the Essence Rock Coat in Punk Royal would be the best- I love funky looking nails, and this effect does sound really awesome (and i am drawn to things shiny and glittery :p)

  2. Im loving the sound of the Soft Matte Lipgloss in Mauve like a Rockstar. Im a lip product-aholic im afraid and can never have too many lip sticks or glosses but thus far I dont own any Matte Glosses...hhmm...that sounds like a contridiction...Matte Glosses :)

  3. I love the Cheek & Lip Pot because it stains (I LOVE LIP STAINS!! - I get lazy reapplying lip products throughout the day) and it's versatile (can be used as a blush and as a lip colour)!

  4. I also love the matte lip gloss because I have never come across lip glosses that are matte! In particular, I love the colour "Mauve like a Rockstar".

    P.S. Are the matte lip glosses sticky?

    1. Hi, Abigail. The matte lip glosses aren't sticky at all! They're so smooth on the lips, without feeling sticky or heaving.

  5. I like the look of the spidery mascara- very cool.

    But being the nail polish- a holic I am I can't go past the nail polishes in this collection. The peach punk colour looks epic and I love the idea of the punk royal rock coat :)

  6. I like the cheek and lip pots. wish my priceline had this range out but they only have the basic essence range.

  7. I like the cheek and lip pots! Because I love 2 in 1 products ^-^

    Great give-a-way!

  8. The cheek and lip pot sounds very appealing to me; I'm a busy mum of three, and always struggle with time for myself, so this two-in-one product sounds great!

  9. Also, the mascara sounds great. I have been using the same brand of mascara for ages and would love a change.

  10. The Essence nail polishes would make a lovely change from the boring colours I currently have of polish. Plus, with three daughters who love dress-ups, I can guarantee they will be loved if sent to my home! :)

  11. The nailpolishes appeal to me the most as they don't have the classic shiney finish to them, the have a rubbery finish which is not something that you come across easily

  12. The rock coat sounds amazing as its different to just a normal glitter topcoat or a flakie topcoat

  13. The Peach Punk Cheek and Lip pot looks like one of those great handbag staple pieces as it adds the perfect amount of colour to your cheeks and lips

  14. loving the peach punk nail polish. i love pastel colours, and have been dying to try out a peach for a while now, just can't seem to find the perfect shade. peach punk looks amazing though! definitely would love to try this one out!

  15. I have been dying to find a mascara that looks great from a distance and not just from upclose so the mascara is a winner in my books!

    Not far behind would be the peach punk nail polish, as I have just invested in a whole wardrobe of peach clothing so this nail polish would be the icing to my cake!

  16. I really like the idea of the lip and cheek pot! I'm always on the lookout for stains for my lips as I can't wear lipstick, it leaves a funny taste in my mouth! ash xx

  17. I'm not so much a fan of the mascara only because I usually go for volume over length.

    Buuuuuuut, I really love the idea of a cheek and lip two in one product because I have sooooo many things I carry around with me all day in case I need to touch up and if this means I can eliminate one of these things, I'm all for it! I really like the mauve shade. I think I'm too pale to pull off the rebel delight neutral shade.

    The nailpolish shades are really different! I used to be so boring with my nailpolish and recently I've been trying lots of different things. I loooove the cracked look!!! And I would LOVE to experiment with these colors too! :D x

  18. Oooohhh lip & cheek pot! Such a pretty colour! And mega convenient!

  19. I love the idea of the lip/cheek colour combo. I'm pretty relaxed when it comes to makeup so if I can get a product to do more than one thing I'm hooked!

  20. I love the look of the Peach Punk nail colour and the Cheek & Lip Pot - the colours look great

  21. Oh also am dying to try out the Soft Matte Lipglosses, what a great idea they look amazing!

  22. Lip pots are doing it for me, I like to be as organised as I can be, there something about the lip pot that appeals to me!

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. The nail polishes! I love trying new nail polishes and the latex effect sounds interesing. Definitely wanna try it. Peach Punk looks the best!

  25. I like the look of the peach punk nail polish because the colour seems particularly awesome, nice oranges are hard to find. :)

  26. Last minute entry from me!

    The Latex Nail Polish really caught my attention, definitely something unique (especially the shade #04 Rebelizer)

  27. This TE is full of interesting concepts. That Spiderlash Mascara definitely made your lashes long! And my lashes definitely need length so I might have a look at it when it's out. Plus with such a low price, it won't matter if it doesn't work out.

  28. Oh my gosh, those matte lipglosses look good! I've always seen shiny glosses, never matte ones so I might try #01 Mauve like a Rockstar. Nudes don't look too good on me.

    Thanks for showcasing their collection, I'm excited for it!

    And thanks for the giveaway, much appreciated. x

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