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July 24, 2012

Skincare Routine

When I first started blogging, I had pretty terrible skin. Although I thought I was happy with the skincare products I used, it obviously wasn't doing much. 

If you've been reading this blog for a while you'll know that I've spent quite a lot of money at LUSH in recent months, with a majority of the money going towards skincare. I've been trying to clear my skin up and I wanted to try some LUSH skincare products, so it was the perfect time. I set myself a challenge to use ONLY LUSH products for a while (initially it was a month) and document the results, to see the difference in my skin over time and, well, if the regime works for me.

As you can see from the photo below, my skin has cleared up dramatically and, obviously, I couldn't be happier!

Click on the photo to see it better
People have been asking me what my skincare routine is and, now I'm happy with my routine, I have decided to share it with you all!
LUSH Aqua Marina cleanser and Ocean Salt Facial Scrub
For cleanser I used a combination of two LUSH products, Aqua Marina and Ocean Salt. Aqua Marina is pink mousse and seaweed type cleanser (feels like a paste), whilst Ocean Salt is a lime, coconut and sea salt face scrub. 

I take a small amount of Aqua Marina out of the pot and loosen it up with a bit of water. I then apply it to a damp face, ensuring that a thin layer has covered my entire face. A number of people use Ocean Salt after washing their cleanser off, however I like to apply it with my cleanser still on. Using a small amount of Ocean Salt, I work it into my face, focusing on blemishes, problem areas and my t-zone. 

I started using Ocean Salt on top of Aqua Marina as I felt that even though it worked just as well as by itself, it was a lot less aggressive and abrasive. 
LUSH Tea Tree Water toner
After cleansing, I tone my face. To tone I use LUSH's Tea Tree Water toner. I have been using this toner since I started using LUSH skincare and I really like it. The toner contains tea tree water, juniper berries and grapefruit water to tone natural face oils and tackle blemishes.

To use Tea Tree Water, I spray it all over my face and wipe it off with a cotton round. I have tried spraying the product directly to a cotton round, however I found it worked better the first way. 


LUSH Gorgeous facial moisturiser
After toning my face, I always moisturise it. At the moment I'm using LUSH's Gorgeous moisturiser, however I just finishing a pot of their Vanishing Cream. I always apply my moisturiser while my face is still wet from the toner, as I feel it is absorbed into the skin better.  

PLEASE NOTE: My day time face routine ends here.

Spot Treatment
Mario Badescu Drying Lotion
At night, after cleansing, toning and moisturising, I like to apply Mario Badescu's Drying Lotion to my blemishes. The product has two layers and, to apply, a cotton bud must be placed in the product and pick up some of the pink sediment on the bottom. From there, the product can be dotted onto blemishes. 

I try to apply this an hour or so before bed, so it has time to be absorbed before I go into bed and it rubs onto my pillow. 

Stay tuned for a full review of this product. 
Face Mask

LUSH Brazened Honey fresh face mask
I'm super slack with this, but I try to use a LUSH fresh face mask once a week. In saying that, however, it's very rarely that regular. Out of the three LUSH face masks I've tried (Cupcake, Cosmetic Warrior and Brazened Honey), I feel like this one was the best. I really liked the way it made my skin feel and the way it looks so refreshed afterwards. 

Please note 
  • I will occasionally use LUSH's Full of Grace serum at night, especially if I feel like I need some extra moisture
  • I also use an eye cream at night, however I just ran out of the sample I was using. I have just  ordered Khiel's Creamy Avocado Eye Treatment.

So, people, that's my full skincare routine. When considering the products I use, as well as how I use them, please keep in mind that I have normal/combination skin that borders on oily. Please also remember that I use the products in a way that suits me best, but it may not be the best for everyone.

If you have an product recommendations, think I should be using a product differently or want to share your routine with me, please comment below. I love all those sorts of things!

Always look your best,

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  1. Wow! The improvement in your skin, it looks great! Well done with the skincare routine. :)
    I have the same skin type as you and may have to start using some Lush products based on the great results you're getting.

    Thanks for sharing x

    1. Hi, Elizabeth, thanks so much. Yeah, I've had fantastic results. As you can see, I'm now a big fan of LUSH skincare! Initially I tried their products so I could document the journey, however it's been such a great improvement.

      I'm so happy and I would definitely recommend LUSH skincare. :) x

  2. i now use the lush ultrabland cleanser and i really like it:D
    i would love to try the tea tree toner:D



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