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July 10, 2012

Essence 'Rebels' Trend Edition Review

Just under two weeks ago I was lucky enough to receive a package from Essence Cosmetics. The package contained a hot pink gift box with their entire Rebels Trend Edition collection, as well as the press release. I will be including the information provided to me in the press release, as well as my opinions etc, so let's get into it!

Before I continue, I'm going to apologise for the excessive amount of photos. I'm sure you're more than used to it by now, but I like to make sure people are seeing the most they can in a product. 
"Bad girls, rock chick and punk babes - in September 2012, things are about to get loud & wild with the new trend edition "rebels" by essence. Demure, subtle nude shades meet upon bright, cheeky neon colours to rebel against boredom! For trendsetters, individualists or those who normally wouldn't dare to be loud and outrageous, these extravagant products guarantee a unique, dramatic look. Whether you go for matte lipgloss, neon nail polish or mascara that creates spider-like lashes - anything goes, as long as you like it!"
- Press Release  

Spiderlash Mascara
"Special effects for your lashes! Once you've applied this unique mascara, you can define lashes individually using the special brushes for an eye-catching look. Available in 01 Punk Royal. RRP - $3.25"
This mascara was sent to me in black and, as far as I'm aware, that's the only colour it's available in. To start with I wasn't impressed with this mascara at all. I'm what I have coined a 'mascara snob' and have very specific mascara brush requirements. The mascara has, what I call, a 'pipe cleaner' style wand with a flat brush on the other end. Pictures of both ends of the mascara can be found above. 

After using this mascara, however, I am impressed! The name is definitely representative of what the product does, it totally gave me spider lashes. Up close, I Didn't like the effect of this mascara at all but, from a distance, it looks great. My lashes look soo long. To see the results of the mascara after one coat, see above. 

I tried using the other end of the mascara to add volume to my lashes but it just ended up making them clumpy, something the wand didn't. 
Left to Right: #01 Mauve like a Rockstar and #02 Rebel Delight
Soft Matte Lipgloss
"Kiss like a rockstar! Lots of people have shiny lips - if you really want to make a statement, go matte! This lipgloss gives your lips a unique and irresistible soft-matte appearance. Available in 01 Mauve like a Rockstar and 02 Rebel Delight. RRP - $3.50"
I was sent both Soft Matte Lipglosses from the collection, Mauve like a Rockstar and Rebel Delight. Although I like both colours, I really like the wash of colour that Mauve like a Rockstar provides and I've found that, quite often, Rebel Delight is too nude for my lips. These lip glosses smell absolutely amazing and feel beautiful on my lips. Although they have a matte finish they're not overly drying, which is fantastic.
Cheek & Lip Pot 
"A rebellious duo! This super-cool combination for your cheeks and lips is a one-of-a-kind. 
The small size is so practical, you can take the cheek & lip pot along wherever you go 
and conjure-up a beautiful peach touch on your cheeks and lips. Available in #01 Peach Punk. RRP - $4.95"
I am in love with this product. In fact, I think it's this that inspired me to buy a MAC Casual Colour. Although I'm yet to try it on my cheeks, it provides the most beautiful colour on the lips. Although the product is quite pigmented, it can be sheered out for a natural look or applied with a heavier hand for a more intense look. I'm a big fan of peach/coral lips at the moment, so this is perfect. I also found that this Cheek & Lip Pot stained my lips, a big plus. The less I have to reapply the better, right?
Left to Right: Soft Matte Lipgloss in #02 Rebel Delight, Soft Matte Lipgloss in #01
Mauve like a Rockstar and Cheek & Lip Pot in #01 Peach Punk

Left to Right: #04 Rebelizer, #01 Mauve like a Rockstar, #02 Rebel Delight, 
#03 Peach Punk and Rock Coat in #01 Punk Royal
Latex Nail Polish
"Good girl meets punk chick! Do you prefer subtle nude shades or bright neon colours? Or both? No problem! With the four exciting semi-matte nail polishes with a latex effect, nothing is impossible! Available in #01 Mauve like a Rockstar, #02 Rebel Delight, #03 Peach Punk and #04 Rebelizer. RRP - $3.50." 

Rock Coat
"And if the latex nail polishes aren't enough to get you in the rock chick mood, apply 
rebels rock coat on your nails for an ultra cool smokey finish with glitter particles! You're
guaranteed plenty of attention with this eye catching nail style. Available in #01 
Punk Royal. RRP - $3.50"
Although I haven't tried these polishes, I really like the look of them, especially the latex ones. I'm not entirely sure about the Rock Coat, however it might make a great accent nail when applied to one or two nails only. 

Given that I was lucky enough to be sent all these products, I decided it would only be fair if I shared them with a lucky winner. In the near future I will be uploading an Essence nail polish giveaway, featuring all the polishes listed above, as well as two other polishes from Essence. 

As I'm sure you can tell, I'm a big fan of the Rebels Trend Edition. My favourite product would have to be the Cheek & Lip Pot and I can't wait to try it on my cheeks. What do you think of the collection?

The Essence 'Rebels' Trend Edition will be available in Australia from September, 2012. For stockists information call 1800 181 040. Essence Cosmetics can be purchased from selected Target and Priceline stores. 

Click here to enter my Essence Rebels Trend Edition nail polish giveaway!

** Please be aware: These products were sent me for review, however all opinions are my own. I was not paid for this review. 

Always look your best,

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  1. Yay so excited for this new line!! Essence is great :)

  2. I love Essence. Its one of the best new brands Ive come across. The Soft Matte lipglosses look great.


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