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June 03, 2012

Unauthorised Shopping Haul

A couple of days ago I uploaded a post saying how I was going to start saving money for next year's Sydney IMATS, as well as just in general.

I decided, however, that it wasn't going to take effect until after this weekend. Why? Because my friend bought three of the L'Oreal Infallible eyeshadows recently and has been telling me how amazing they are. Yes, because I really need excuses to spend money on make up.

Anyway, I decided I really wanted to try a couple of colours and, instead of paying full price when I'm allowed to shop, it made sense to buy them whilst Priceline had all L'Oreal cosmetics for 3 for the price of 2. I bought three colours; #002 Hourglass Beige, #004 Forever Pink and #012 Endless Chocolat. 

I'm really happy with the colours I bought, especially 
Hourglass Beige. Stay tuned for a review.
My sister's Sex and the City themed hens night was last night so I figured some fake eyelashes might also be nice. After much debate I bought the Eyelure Katy Perry eyelashes in Sweetie Pie. 

I was pretty impressed with my application, especially given it was the first time I'd ever applied fake eyelashes, and I really liked how natural, yet dramatic, they looked. 

Please excuse the photo. I wanted you to see how they looked on but I restuck them after taking it as they were lifted off slight.
That's everything I bought. It wasn't a massive shopping trip and I didn't buy anything that I hadn't already said I would. 

Sorry the photos are a bit different than normal, I wasn't intending on doing this post so I took the photos from Instagram. 

What do you think of my purchases? Can you recommend any other Infallible shades? Are they other lashes from the Katy Perry range that you like?

Always look your best,

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