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June 12, 2012

Real Techniques Make Up Brush Haul

If you follow Born to Buy's Facebook page you'll know that I had my sister's wedding on the weekend. Yay. It was a fantastic day and night and she looked absolutely beautiful.

A few weeks before the big day my sister came over after having visited the make up artist that would be doing all our make up for the big day. Not only did she have two fantastic eye looks to show me (I had to be the deciding vote), she also had an empty Real Techniques packet to show me. Obviously I instantly went insane and my sister contacted the make up artist, asking her where I can get them and how much etc.

Real Techniques brushes are sold at hair supply stores in Western Australia. Luckily for me, said sister is a qualified hairdresser. Unluckily for me, she's lost the card she needs to shop at such places, along with her accreditation paperwork. Nice going, sis! Luckily the make up artist know my sister and was more than happy pick me some up at pass them on to me on the day of the wedding.

All up, I got five brushes. I was told the total was $57.00 but I gave her $60.00. I'm not sure how much each brush/pack was individually, but it averages to less than $12.00 a brush.
I got the following brushes - 
  • Travel Essentials kit: Containing an essential foundation brush, a multi task brush and a domed shadow brush
  • Powder Brush
  • Foundation Brush
The first brushes, the Travel Essentials kit, was what I was really after, along with their Core Collection kit. The other brushes were picked up for me after she wasn't abler to find the Core Collection and I said 'just go for your life'. 

I haven't really had much of a chance to try these brushes yet as I only received them on Saturday, but I will definitely keep you posted!

Have you tried Real Techniques brushes before? What are your favourites? 

Always look your best,

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  1. Hey Sophie,

    Was nice to meet you, I will be stocking the brushes, I'll post photos and prices on my page Krystal cut's & beautifies, yay now I can follow your blog, I'll keep you upto date with hair and beauty products I like 2 :) Krystal

    1. Hi, Krystal, it was great to meet you too. Thanks so much for the Gorgeous catalogue! I haven't had a chance to fully look through it yet, but I definitely will.
      Oh, so you'll be stocking the Real Techniques brushes? Fantastic! I hope you get the Core Collection. Would really like to give those brushes a try.
      I'd definitely love to hear what you're loving. I'm always looking for new products. x

    2. Ok cool and yes I'll stock them all

  2. Sophie, your makeup and eyelashes look amazing in that pic!!

  3. Just letting you know that you can buy the real technique brushes from here http://www.iherb.com/Real-Techniques-by-Samantha-Chapman Shipping is only $6 to Australia (im in aus too) and the single brushes are on average around $8 each. You can also use this code - BEV426 to get $5 off on first purchases :) It's so tempting


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