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April 25, 2012

LUSH Skincare Challenge - Week 4

If you've been reading this blog for a while you'll know that I've spent quite a lot of money at LUSH in recent months, with a majority of the money going towards skincare. I've been trying to clear my skin up and I wanted to try some LUSH skincare products, so it was the perfect time. I set myself a challenge to use ONLY LUSH products for a month and document the results, to see the difference in my skin over time and, well, if the regime works for me.

Last week I ran out of many of the products I bought first time round (click here to see my first LUSH haul) and, instead of replacing them, I decided to try other LUSH products (click here to see my second, most recent LUSH haul). 

I've been using LUSH skincare for four weeks now (with my routine varying from week one) and, as always, I want to tell you all know what's going on and if there's been any progress.

Just so you all know, especially considering it's changed, my skincare regime is as follows
  • Remove make up at night with 9 to 5
  • Cleanse twice a day with Aqua Marina
  • Exfoliate with Ocean Salt once a day (if irritation occurs, this may vary)
  • Tone  with after every cleanse with Tea Tree Water
  • Moisturise with Vanishing Cream
  • Use Cosmetic Warrior face mask every second day
It's nothing too complicated, but I wanted to tell you all know how I've been using each of the products. I won't be reviewing each product individually yet, as I want to dedicate a whole post to that, but I'll be going through how my skin has been going.

To be honest, I don't know how much information I can provide to you all this week. My skin looks like it's cleared up a lot, especially when compared to the 'before' photo. Given that I've swapped a couple of products around this week, though, I don't know what to credit the improvement my skin has made since last week; Was it the products I used before? Was it these products? Have they just cleared up?

I'm sure you all understand what I mean by that but, regardless, it's definitely nice to see an improvement. Our skin goes through a month long cycle when using new products (good, bad and then, hopefully, good) so I'll be sticking with these ones for a bit to see what the results are like.
As the photo gets longer, the image must get smaller so it can fit.
Please click on the photo to enlarge it.
I'm really enjoying the new products, by the way, and my skin feels amazing after using Ocean Salt. Cosmetic Warrior has an interesting smell (it's made of garlic and tea tree oil), so it's a bit of a challenge to use, but I can do it! 

Anyway, that's it so far. I'll be back next week to share it all with you again. Next week was going to be my last week but, because I'm switching the products up, I'll be keeping you guys updated for five weeks now, plus a follow up post where I evaluate my skincare routine.

Also, what do you think of my skin? Do you think it's too soon to see a difference with the new products?

As usual, please give me your recommendations, LUSH or otherwise. 

Always look your best,

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  1. Looking great! Do you know at what point yr skin gets used to products and stops responding? Maybe that could have happened with the first lot of stuff. Keep it up, this is great reading!

    1. Hi Holly, thanks! I don't really know what point it is when it stops responding, but I figure it should have taken more than three weeks.. It's definitely possible though. Who knows? Haha.
      It finally feels like it's improving. I just hope the new products don't set it back.
      And thanks, that's always great to know.

  2. Your skin is looking great! I see it's clearing it a lot since week 1 and there is a difference from before you started using the products :)

    1. Hi, Sheri. Thanks. Yeah, it's really great to see! :)

  3. I love Lush products. I go into Lush at least three times a week when I'm studying (on the holidays it's everyday). I keep buying and buying and I don't even make a dint in my stash.

    I have listed lots on eBay with more to come on May 1. I hope you check it out. Everything is listed below retail price and most are discontinued or limited edition.

    Hi, I saw your comment about Lush on Lust Have It. Just letting you know that I'm clearing out my Lush stash with more to come.

    Click here for my Lush stuff on eBay

    1. Far out, Jaci. And I thought I went into LUSH a lot.
      I've checked out your stuff online but, unfortunately, I'm not really a bath person. Thanks but!


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