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April 07, 2012

Autumn/Winter Beauty Tips

The weather can effect the condition of your skin and wear of your make up. Much like summer can make skin feel oily and cause make up to 'slide off', winter can make skin appear dry. I know the change in temperature can make skin appear dull and alter complexions, so here's some tips I've found to make the most of the cool weather.

I've attempted to categorise these tips.

Make Up
  • Avoid a red nose: If you're anything like me your nose gets absolutely freezing during the cooler months, regardless of how warm you make yourself. In such weather, noses become extremely dry. Apply moisturiser as frequent as possible to prevent dry patches from reappearing. Add a second layer or foundation or tinted moisturiser to red areas to cover imperfections. I've read that products with a yellow undertone will work extremely well. In such weather it's important to set foundation, tinted moisturiser or concealer with powder.
  • Waterproof: Where possible, use waterproof beauty products. Waterproof products work a lot better in winter when there's a chance of being rained etc. on
  • Coverage: Be prepared to have an uneven skintone to have to cover up
  • Eye make up: Get adventurous. People tend to be more daring in winter, with darker and most dramatic looks, so go with it. Remember to experiment. 
  • Powder blushes may sit on the skin better but creams may provide a 'dewy' look
  • Bronzer: Don't over bronze this winter. It's unnatural and unattractive
  • Dry lips: Cracked lips are a given when it's cold. As with everywhere else, make sure your lips remain moisturised. Exfoliating with a product like LUSH's lip scrub may help remove dry skin
  • Lip colour: Experiment with lip colours this winter. 
  • Avoid pink and red toned products. They will enhance the red tone of skin.
  • Dry scalp: Itching and/or flakes from the scalp can be a sign of dandruff or a dry scalp. Use hydrating hair products to add lost moisturiser to your hair. If the symptoms continue, you may have dandruff. Try an anti-dandruff shopping and conditioner. 
  • Prepare your hair: Much like our skin, our hair can lose moisturise in winter and requires additional help. Commit to hair treatments and moisturising hair products that also aim to strengthen hair.
Skin and other
  • Avoid extra long showers as they strip skin of natural oils, especially in winter
  • A dull complexion: A dehydrated complexion may prevent light from reflecting off you skin, something no one wants. Drink lots of water, use gentle cleansers and intensive moisturisers, especially if your skin is starting to feel dry
  • Moisturise your hands, feet, elbows and, well, anywhere else that is dry too! 
  • Remember: Anything that warms your body will dehydrate your skin.
  • Irritated, dry skin: Run a milk bath by adding two cups of milk to warm water and soak for 15 minutes. 
  • Don't forget your nails: Nails are as dehydrated as our face and bodies in winter so don't forget about them. Take care of your nails this winter. 
  • Use SPF all year round! Just because you can't see the sun, it doesn't mean it's not there!
Remember, these are just my tips. Some of these tips are my own but I also read a lot online. I just love researching. Anyway, in saying that, it's time for me to hear yours! I'd love to read your tried and tested make up tips so, if you have any, please comment below. They don't have to be winter related either. 

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Always look your best,

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  1. I'm going to pick up some coconut oil today. Someone on Twitter suggested it as a dry hair treatment. My hair is feeling really dry at ends already and I haven't even been colouring or straightening my hair.

    1. I've been putting my hair through some intensive 'hair rehab' lately so I'd love to hear what you think!

  2. I can get a really dry nose sometimes so I just dab on lanolips ointment or Jurlique lovebalm and that does the trick. X

    1. Great tip, Ingrid. I have combination skin so I never have that problem, but that sounds like a really convenient way to combat the problem!

      Also, I'm loving reading your blog! Would love it if you followed.

  3. Great tips - I also subscribe to the moisturise, moisturise, moisturise philosophy :)

    1. Definitely! You can't say no to that.
      I have combination skin so I tend to avoid over moisturizing, especially at night, because my skin just doesn't need it.


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