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March 01, 2012

February Favourites, 2012

A pinch and a punch for the first day of the month. Yay, I won! I can't believe we're in March. Far out. The best bit is it's the first day of Autumn. Bring on winter!

If you've been following my favourites for a while (click here to see my January favourites) you'll know that I decided to change the format of my favourites posts. A lot of the products I feature have been reviewed on this blog previously and, if that's the case, I will link them. If they product hasn't been reviewed, chances are I plan on reviewing it soon. I just think this way these posts will become a lot shorter and easier to read. I am, however, totally open to other suggestions.

So, now that's all out of the way, let's get into my favourites!
I'm really enjoying my beauty box subscriptions. I find that they're a great way to test out new products but I'm questioning the value of the boxes at the moment. At the moment I'm considering cancelling/changing my subscriptions. For an overview of the two I'm subscribed to, GlossyBox and Lust Have It, click here

As always, I'd love to know what beauty products you've been loving this month! I'm always looking for new products and you guys can always recommend the best stuff!

Always look your best,

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  1. Im also thinking of giving the BB subscription the flick next month. I'd love you to do a review or overview of the Aveda haircare if you get time. Ive never tried the brand but have always been curious.

    1. Definitely! I'm a massive Aveda lover and have been using their haircare on and off for 8 years. I went off it while I had red hair, as I had products more suited, but now I'm back using it and my goodness! The stuff is amazing.
      Stay tuned for a full on review.


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