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February 09, 2012

NP Set Cruise Blushes

"NP Set by Napoleon Perdis. A spirited cosmetics collection inspired by the world's fashion capitals, with exuberant colours and on the go glamour." - NP Set
Napoleon Perdis have a cosmetics range sold exclusively at Target stores. The NP Set Cruise Blushes are cream blushes in the form of a stick I own two colours, Pacific (purple/plum) and Atlantic (coral/pink), and, although they're very different colours, they're both really pretty.
Left to right: Pacific, Pacific rubbed in, Atlantic,
Atlantic rubbed in

Both of these blushes are extremely blendable. They can be blended out (either by a brush or by hand) to provide cheeks with a beautiful flush of colour. 

To apply these blushes I dot the product on my cheek twice (towards my hairline) and blend forwards to ensure that I receive the desired amount of product on the inner part of my face. To blend the blush I prefer to use a dense blush brush. At the moment I'm using my EcoTools blush brush and I find that it deposits/blends the product better than my hands do. That's just me though, others might prefer hands/fingertips.

I really like how these blushes can be built up to achieve the desired level of intensity. If I feel that I want more colour I can easily apply more by following the steps above. 

Both Pacific and Atlantic are well pigmented blushes but I'll sometimes find they don't last me a full day. I wear Atlantic a lot more than Pacific and I'll set it with my Benefit Dandelion blush to make it more long wearing. The Dandelion blush is sheer enough to not dull the colour too much, but it makes it a more matte finish.

The dewy finish of these blushes is the one thing I don't like about them. I always thought cream blushes had to have a dewy finish but I've recently found out they don't (stay tuned). Because of my combination skin I'm a big fan of matte products but, regardless of the finish, I love these blushes.

Both of these blushes were bought from Target when they were having a make up sale but I think they retail for about $20.00AUD. I'm really sorry, I forgot to look the other day.

Always look your best,

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