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January 07, 2012

Project Pan is finished!

My Project Pan is finally finished. Finally! I started it just under two months ago (finishing it last week) and, in that time, I managed to use up five cosmetic/beauty products. To start with I was going to set myself the target of ten products but I’m so glad I didn’t. Five was bad enough.

The five products that I finished were 
As I said, I’m so glad that I only set myself the goal of five products this time. It feels like it took, well, foreverrrrr. I also chose a great time of year to set myself the challenge. Not allowing myself to buy any make up during the months of November and December allowed me to save some extra, and much needed, money for Christmas.

I found Project Pan to be pretty difficult, yes. It was hard knowing which products to use up completely or continuing to use a single product when I had something I’d rather be using.

As you can tell from the list above, almost all of the products I used were face products. Eye/cheek products (especially eye shadows and powder blushes) just can’t be used up fast enough. Plus, I didn’t want to limit the eye products I used as it was one thing I allowed myself to ‘mix up’.

Project Pan was difficult. Before it I would be checking ‘drugstores’ (Priceline etc) for sales/new products but I found myself steering completely clear of such places to prevent temptation. I did, however, crack twice. In the initial rules for Project Pan I stated that I was going to allow myself to buy products that were greatly reduced, and I did. I bought the Revlon New Complexion Oil Control Make Up foundation for $10 less than the regular price, an offer I couldn’t refuse. I also bought myself a red lipstick for no other reason than I really wanted it. I’d finished my 160hr/four week work placement and I wanted to buy myself a gift (plus I was going out and wanted to rock the red lip).  Given my addiction to cosmetic shopping, I was pretty proud that I only cracked twice.

Am I glad I did Project Pan? Yeah, definitely. It was a great opportunity to rediscover one of my favourite foundations, Revlon’s Colorstay, and it also gave me an incentive to finish products I wasn’t too fond of. In my opinion, that’s probably the best reason to do it. Use up the products you don’t like to make room for ones that you know you’ll love!

I’ve done a bit of shopping since I finished Project Pan. I did some after Christmas shopping (click here for the post), as well as a travel size of Benefit’s Hula bronzer and a few other bits and pieces!

So come on, ladies! Set yourself the Project Pan challenge today. Use up some products you’ve been meaning to for ages and save yourself some money.

Always look your best,

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  1. This sounds tough! I honestly don't get through enough of my items usually find something else I prefer while!


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