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November 10, 2011

Project Pan

I recently came across this kind of cool movement/pledge/strike (I don't really know what to call it) on someone's beauty blog and thought I might as well give it a try.

Basically Project Pan is all about going on a make up purchasing strike and refusing to buy any more make up/beauty products until you've used up a certain amount of products. For this, I've only chosen five doesn't sound like a lot but I want to give myself a goal I can reach and ease myself into this whole thing. Hopefully I'll see how much money I've saved and challenged myself to a Project 10 Pan later on. 

Here are the rules. Some of them I've taken from other blogs, others I've written myself.
  1. To include a product in the list of five, I must have used it up completely. Some people are just saying powders must 'hit pan' but that seems pointless to me.
  2. Products such as face cleansers and moisturisers don't counts as I will be replacing them.
  3. Some, but not all, mascaras will be counted. At present I have three Max Factor Lash Extension Effect mascaras on the go. One is sufficient, Sophie.
  4. Hair products, unless essentials that are replaced, are counted.
  5. Nail products are counted.
I also want to make my Project Pan exceptions clear up front so people don't start hatin' on me later on.
  1. Blog purchases (including giveaways and products purchased by request to review) are not included
  2. Ridiculous bargains and/or limited edition products do not count
  3. The purchase of a felt tipped liquid eyeliner does not count. I've been looking for a good quality one (without the ridiculous price tag) for some time now and nothing will stop me buying one if it's on sale.
That's all I can think of at the moment, ladies. I'll add to my rules (and let y'all know, obviously) if I feel like there's something/anything missing though. It's pretty exciting actually, and I can't wait to start tomorrow. I'll also attempt to take note of the money I saved as an indication of the amount I spend.

Anyway, ladies and gents. I'd love to hear what you all think of Project Pan. Do you like this idea? Will you do it with me? Is it ridiculous? Let me know!

Always look your best,

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  1. I should do that. I have about 25 lip things (lipstick, gloss, tint etc). I do NOT need more. Like I actually have enough makeup to last a lifetime, if it weren't for shelf lives. Ok I'm in. Yay for saving money and the environment and stuff (ya know... Less packaging and whatnot...)

  2. Now that you have finished your project pan, how do you feel and what was the outcome. Did you get in a make up rut trying to use up one product? I am thinking of doing something similar particularly with eye shadows - but they are ooohhhh soooo pretty.

  3. Hey Roy and Roxy. I did definitely get in a rut, yeah. It was also difficult finding products to use up.
    I really love this question so I'm going to do a Project Pan reflection post. It will either be uploaded today or tomorrow and I hope it answers all your questions.


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