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November 29, 2011

Mikki and Me Giveaway

November 29, 2011 | , , ,
Anyone that knows me knows my beautiful nephew, Alexander, is one of the most important people in my life. After having him, my sister became a part of an online mother's group. One of the mothers in this group has since opened an online clothing store, Mikki and Me

Mikki and Me is a site I visit frequently in an attempt to find cute items for the always growing Alex. The owner of the store, Liza, became tired of finding generic baby items when trying to find something for her daughter and created Mikki and Me. It's an online store that stocks cute, one of a kind items for young children of all ages and everything in the store is absolutely gorgeous.

You might be asking what an online store for children has to do with Born to Buy.. Well, we're getting there.

Recently Mikki and Me started stocking items for Mums, Aunties, sisters and, well, females! Being their Facebook friend, I receive constant  store updates, so I can always see what's new or what's on sale. 

A few weeks ago I was on Facebook and saw their new range of pocket mirrors. Ladies, these aren't just any pocket mirrors.  They're one sided mirrors with absolutely beautiful designs on the other side.

They're so lovely that I bought three; one for my sister, one for me and, oh, one for a lucky winner!

Vintage Rose Green
My sister's
Freedom Flight
Brown Curious Owl
Other side of the mirrors
Now you've seen all three mirrors, including the giveaway mirror, it's time to find out how you can win one of the third mirror shown, Curious Brown Owl. To enter the Mikki and Me giveaway ensure that you 'like' both Mikki and Me AND Born to Buy on Facebook (both Facebook pages are linked to the names and yes, we will check). Please also comment on this post, saying your favourite item in the Mikki and Me store, http://www.mikkiandme.com/.

That's not all though, ladies and gents. The lovely Liza is also offering Born to Buy viewers 10% purchases made whilst this competition is running. How exciting! To redeem your 10% off, use the promotional code 'BORNTOBUY'.

This competition, as well as the 10% off offer, will run until December 6. Winner will be announced on December 7. 

Goodluck ladies and gents.

Always look your best,

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  1. From Beth via Facebook: Hey Soph, this is an awesome giveaway! My favourite thing I saw was the little Zoo Backpacks! They are so adorable! :)

  2. The owl, the frog and the monkey too,
    I adore the lunchies created from the zoo,
    For the kids to take to kindy and school,
    These are so awesome and cool!

  3. I love everything but the zoo lunchies are the best and i can not wait till they are back in stock.

  4. those zoo backpacks are just too cute!!!! I should totally get one for uni. Would be talk of the town! :P They are for big kids too right?? D:

  5. The animal hats are so cute! Love the owl...


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