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November 12, 2011

Benefit Ooh La Lift

The Benefit Ooh La Lift claims to be an 'instant under-eye brightening boost'. I bought this product online a few months ago and, surprisingly, I'm actually really impressed with it.

The product is a very light pink (basically white) liquid in a tube with a doe foot applicator. It's a very loose liquid which blends nicely into the skin and, as far as I'm aware, works nicely with any skin-tone/undertone. For the record, I'm not normally a fan of doe foot applicators but, in this case, it's totally fine.
According to my research, Ooh La Lift is meant to tighten the under eye area, as well as a million other things. I don't think this product lives up to all the claims made by Benefit but really, is that even possible? 
Left to Right: Swatch of Ooh La Lift and blended in Ooh La Lift
Benefit suggests that people 'apply three little dots under each eye and pat gently with fingertips'. I apply the product as suggested and the results are fairly pleasing. I definitely notice a difference in my under eye area. The dark circles don't disappear but they're definitely a lot less pronounced and can be easily covered with a good foundation, rather than concealer. 

I haven't found that it matters whether or not it's applied before or after foundation (I do either and sometimes both). Both work for me. I've also found this to be extremely effective when teamed with Benefit's Erase Paste

I think that's all I can say about this product, to be honest. I don't know how it works but it definitely does, well for me at least. 

Would I recommend this product? It depends. If you have very dark under eye circles, or a heavily pigmented under eye area, this product may not be for you and I'd recommend you check it out in store. If you're looking for a product to concealer small under eye imperfections, or hide the fact that you pulled an all nighter, the I'd definitely recommend you check this out.

So ladies, with that being said, what's your favourite under eye remedy?

Always look your best,

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**According to my research, Benefit does not test their products on animals. 

1 comment :

  1. I love stick concealer for covering my heavy duty under eye dark circles. Because of its thick consistency I can cover all of it! Best $6 I ever spent!!


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