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October 20, 2011

Stila Light Up The World Color Trend Palette

October 20, 2011 | , , ,
Light Up The World was the 2011 Spring Collection by Stila Cosmetics. I'm finding it difficult to source information on the collection (including products), however I'm fairly sure it was a range of eye, lip and face products. Not too helpful, I know, sorry!

I only have one product from this collection, the Light Up The World Color Trend Eyeshadow Palette. According to my research, this palette retailed approximately $40.00+AUD. Somehow I was lucky enough to find this in a store near me for $10.00. Yes, $10.00!! I'd never heard of it before but, for that price, how could I refuse?
Packaged Stila Light Up The World color trend eyeshadow palette 
Closed palette  
Open palette
The palette contains ten really pretty eyeshadows that range in colours from different shades of bronze, nudes, purple and brown.
Left to right: Sugar, Light, Peaceful, Bronze & Dawn 
Left to right: Precious, Demure, Delicate, Sangria, Truffle 
I really like these all the colours. They're all ridiculously pigmented and, apart from the super dark ones (e.g. demure, sangria and truffle), they blend extremely well.

The palette comes with a double ended shadow brush but, to be honest, I haven't really used it. 
Double ended brush included in palette
Another 'cool' thing about this palette is the the little 'look book' that comes with it (somehow I've misplaced mine but I'll upload photos). The book contains instructions and photos for four make up looks. I haven't given any of these looks a try but I'll get back to you guys soon when I hopefully upload a 'look'.

Would I recommend this palette? Heck yes I would! It's one of the most versatile palettes I've ever come across. I haven't yet found a colour combination that doesn't look absolutely awesome and all the shadows I've tried look awesome by themselves. At the time of purchase I bought not one or two, but three of these bad boys. One was for me, one for one of my sisters and, you got it, one for a lucky winner! Stay tuned to find out how to win this awesome prize.

Always look your best,


  1. Yeah - where did you get it for $10?? Bargain!!

  2. To Chloe and Wendy, I picked this up from My Beauty Spot in Midland. They have the greatest, and most random, bargains!
    Don't forget I'm doing a giveaway with it soon so you might be able to score a free one!

  3. Might have to go down there and have a look. They do sometimes have great bargains!!

  4. Definitely, Wendy! I often check it out to see what bargains they gave.

  5. I got one! They also had another version sort of that was also $10. I forget the name, but it was a palette of eyeshadows, blushes and lipglosses that fitted into this box that opened up like a mini dressing room mirror, complete with lights down the side. Looking back, I should've bought one just because of how awesome it was, but I only had $10 and I will get a lot more wear out of the palette you reviewed. The box one had a few non-neutral colours, which I hardly ever wear... Check it out! Though Joondalup only had one left, so I dont know how Midland will go...


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