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October 06, 2011

Nail Polish Collection

I love nail polishes and mixing up colours. By far, the best nail polish I've ever used is Dr Lewinn's Revitanail. This product is amazing and it's the best nail strengthener I've ever ever tried. You can almost instantly notice the results. I would recommend this product to anyone who feels that their nails need strengthening. 

When it comes to nail polish colours, I can be pretty damn boring. I'm not very colourful and/or adventurous. My nail polishes choices generally stay fairly neutral so they go with whatever I'm wearing.

I also don't really follow seasonal trends and colours. Naughty, I know. I just don't see the point. If I like a colour I'll wear it, regardless of the season! If I like the colour, I'll wear it. 
For colours, see below - left to right
My favourite neutral nail polishes -
  • Maybelline Express Finish #895 Black Onyx
  • Australis Paint the Town in Trackie Dacks (it doesn't show up on camera, but it's a lovely khaki colour - almost an exact dupe of Chanel Khaki Vert polish)
  • Revlon Sheer Translucent #008 Snowflake Pink
  • Revlon #100 Touch of Mauve
  • Diva (yes, the jewellery store) in Catch up for Cofee
Although I like the two Revlon colours, I can only wear them when my nails and cuticles appear healthy. Both colours have pink undertones and bring out the red/pink pigmentation in my fingers and cuticles. 
For colours, see below - left to right
My favourite bright nail polish colours - 
  • Rimmel London 60 Seconds #230 Portabello Pink
  • BYS Matte Red #N210
  • BYS Matte Deep Purple #N213
My attempts to wear bright nail polishes - info below
Best cracked nail polish I've ever bought - info below

Recently I bought three nail polishes from a stand set up in my local shopping centre. Instead of going with my 'gut' and choosing the neutral colours that appealed to me, like always, I bought two bright colours and a black crackle polish (see below). The nail polishes don't have their shades written in English, however they can be bought at this website. If you're a Perth lady, I've also read that they are set up at the Perth Royal Show.

Occasionally I will wear metallic nail polish. I love metallic nails but I find that normally the colours are so glittery that it's difficult to remove and I have little patience for that sort of thing.
For colours, see below - left to right
My metallic polishes - 
  • Rimmel London Lasting Finishing #239 Your Majesty
  • T.B.N. (Totally Beautiful Nails) #911 Pewter 
  • Revlon Metallic #925 Gold Coin
My favourite nail polish brand is China Glaze. The formula of their polishes is amazing. China Glaze nail polishes dry so quickly and all the colours have awesome pigmentation. With that being said, unfortunately I don't have any China Glaze colours at the moment (I actually used up all of my black China Glaze polish, Liquid Leather). 

If you know of any good nail polishes, let me know!

Always look your best,


  1. China Glaze is also my favourite, I've been loving Sweet Cream (053) by CG recently! I agree, shimmery or glittery polishes take longer to take off.

    Amy @ Following The Reader

  2. I get my brilliant OPI glitter polishes off with felt and acetone - comes off in one fell swoop!

  3. I like the OPI range but mostly because they seem to have a longer shelf life and an outstanding colour pallett to choose from. 

    I think the biggest factor with unchipped wear time comes down to a good quality top and base coat (particularly top)

    Just my thoughts anyway :)

  4. Amy, I just looked that colour up and it's super pretty. I might have to add it to my collection. I'm going to need a new nail polish rack soon.

    Impossibleblot, I never thought of felt! You're a legend. Can't wait to try it.

    Wendles, you're so right. The colours available from OPI are awesome. I haven't worn many of their polishes so I don't know if I can comment on the durability of them. There's a reason for them being such a well known brand though, so they're obviously doing something right! Haha.

  5. Hi Sophie,
    Came across your blog and your mentioning of our site www.nailsandstuff.com - thanks! So glad to hear that you are likeing our black CRACK polish. We are also on facebook so I pasted a link to your blog on our page www.facebook.com/NailsAndStuff. Hope to see you at one of our stands soon or online. We have some new coloured cracked polish at Joondalup this week and the next and more colours to come shortly on our web store.

  6. Hey Sophie, another 2 great and affordable polish lines I use are Ulta3 (from Terry White & other chemists) and Essence (from Target) nice ranges and nice to the pocket too, I hate having to spend big $$$ on polish!

    1. I've seen both those brands actually, but I haven't know much about their quality. You're recommending them though, so I'm assuming the quality isn't bad. I'm terrible when it comes to my nails so I'll basically wear whatever.

  7. another easy on the budget option I like are sportsgirl nail polishes im currently wearing 'Lace' which is a pale lavender colour. They do change their range quite often though and normally only have about 20 colours at once (but a few are often discounted if they are from the previous range)

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