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October 19, 2011

Manicare Precision Blending Sponge

October 19, 2011 | , , , ,
Used Precision Blending Sponge. I hope to upload a photo of an
unopened one soon.
I've never been one for flat foundation brushes. I'm not sure if it's the brush quality or my technique, but I find my foundation always streaks when I apply it with one. Because of this, I've always applied my foundation (or my Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser) with clean fingers. 

Whilst YouTubing one day I came across the Beauty Blender. The Beauty Blender is an egg shaped pink sponge designed to create a 'professional finish and flawless complexion'. I haven't found any Australian stores to buy one from and online it appears to sell for approximately $25.00. Anyway, I just can't justify spending that amount of money (with additional postage) on a make up sponge, regardless of how good it is.

It was from there that I found the Manicare Precision Blending Sponge. This purple sponge is shaped almost exactly like Sonia Kashuk's Blending Sponge and is a great way to apply liquid foundations, concealer (the tip of the sponge works great for applying and dispersing concealer), cream blushes and/or liquid bronzers.

The sponge can be used wet or dry. For best results, apply a very small amount of water (or wet it then wring it out, depending on the amount of coverage you want) to the sponge. The water assists in blending the product to prevent streaking and/or cakiness.

As mentioned, the narrow tip is great for applying concealer or foundation to blemishes under the eye or around the nose. The round base is great for applying foundation to cheeks, chins, foreheads and basically anywhere else. Although I've never tried it, I would also imagine that the base would also be great for cream blush application. 

As you can probably tell, I really like this sponge. I love the way it applies my make up and the finish it gives my skin. Approximately 90% of the time I use this sponge, I use it wet. I find it makes the coverage flawless and uses less product that a normal, porous sponge would.

Since purchasing, I've only washed this sponge once. I used a shampoo that didn't work well with my hair to remove excess product from the sponge. One good thing about the Beauty Blender is that there's a specially formulated BlenderCleanser, but I found the shampoo worked well.

This sponge retails for $7.99 from Priceline or $6.86 from Big W. Check it out. For under $10.00, what have you got to lose?

Would I recommend this sponge? Definitely. I love it. It's a great way to apply foundation for an effortless and flawless result. Plus, if you really like it you may want to invest in the Beauty Blender (or the Sonia Kashuk Blending Sponge).

Anyway, that's my favourite tool for foundation application. What's yours?

Always look your best,


  1. I was in Priceline and decided to just get one of these... it's amazing. I have just bought a bareminerals foundation, so wont be using liquid foundation for a while. But I can tell its amazing from how it applies my Benefit Boi-ing concealer. It uses so much less than if I use my finger, and blends it perfectly just from one or two dabs! Fantastic! I can't wait to use a liquid foundation now...

  2. It's good, isn't it?! :) Did you use it wet or dry?
    I really like using it damp when applying my foundation.

  3. I've only used it dry so far, on the concealer end. Still waiting to use some liquid foundation or my BB cream... My skin is finally starting to show signs of clearing up, so I don't wanna risk it by slathering on liquid any time soon...

  4. I don't blame you! Terrible break outs are the worst. You'll have to let me know what you think once you've used it with liquid.
    Also, it turns out that I was looking for the wrong thing when I couldn't find the BB Cream. For some reason I thought the box was going to be a different colour and yeah, haha. I'll pick one up tomorrow hopefully.


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