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September 08, 2011

The Perfect Red Lip

September 08, 2011 | , , , , , , , , ,
My red lip with eyeliner flick. 
I think it's safe to say that most women want to be able to rock the perfect red lip at one time or another. After all, a good red lipstick is a staple in any good make up kit. Thing is, red lips are so hit and miss - choose the wrong lipstick (shade and colour undertones) and you'll end up looking like Julia Roberts circa Pretty Woman.

The first step is finding out what shades/undertones work best with your skin and hair. It's important to be aware of the different shades available, and spend some time deciding what's best suited to you. I know that I can no longer wear the red lipstick I did as my hair is now a vibrant red and there'll be clashes. I'm scared of looking like a clown so, since I've dyed my hair, I haven't gone down the red lipstick route again. In time, grasshopper, in time.

For all you out there wondering what colour best suits your skin tone, here goes!
  • WARM SKIN TONES - Skin with olive or yellow undertones: Be sure to wear orange or brown toned red lipsticks. Think fire engine or brick red.
  • COOL SKIN TONES - Pink or red under tones: Be sure to wear red lipsticks with blue or pink undertones. Think cranberry and wine type colours, ladies!
Spend time finding the colour that's best for you. Do some research if you need to. The MUA, (make up artists) and/or salespeople that work at some of the bigger make up counters, are always willing to colour match you!

Before applying your lipstick apply a lip primer or anti-feather lip pencil, and a matching lipliner. The primer or anti-feather lip pencil act as a base for your lipstick. It gives the colour something to 'hold on to', whilst preventing fading and bleeding around the edges. Providing your lipstick with a base ensures that it lasts longer and is far more durable.

Apply lip liner to the whole lip. This serves two purposes. It, again, acts as a base for your lip colour and may enhance some colours further. It will also ensure that your lipstick stays within the lips and ensure that it remains within your lip line. If you don't wish to enhance the colour, opt for an anti-feather pencil or a transparent liner. 

Once you're down with your primer and liner, LIPSTICK AWAY but be sure to ALWAYS keep the colour within your lips.

  • Find the right colour for your skin tone
  • Balance your make up: If you're rocking the red lip, don't go for a dramatic eye and cheek. Keep your eye make up with a light gold colour and/or a few coats of mascara and apply a light dusting of a natural looking blush to your cheeks.
  • Take the time and apply your lipstick properly. Spending an extra minute or two applying the colour properly will save you time throughout the day.
  • Remain situation appropriate. Consider that red lipstick isn't always appropriate.
  • Wear red lips with just anything. Red lipstick is very style specific. Make it work, ladies!
  • Go out of the house with lipstick on your teeth, eeek!
  • Have 'busy' eye make up. Your face needs balance. 
Alternatively, ladies, there's always the lip stain route. They're durable, long lasting and it seems that a few make up brands have been getting on the lip stain bandwagon lately. The Revlon "Just Bitten" range have a lip balm on one end to ensure your lips won't dry out throughout the day/night. Looking for a good one? Don't go past Revlon Just Bitten in Gothic.

For more tips and application techniques, check out one of my favourite YouTube beauty gurus. She recently uploaded a three minute video on how to achieve the perfect red lip. Check out Arose186 here for her tutorial on How to Pull off Red Lips.

Always look your best,

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  1. Do you have any recommendations of brands/ colours?

  2. I, myself, don't know red lipsticks well enough to recommend a favourite. When I look online there are definitely some sure fire winners, though.

    A few that have rave reviews are as follows:
    - MAC Ruby Woo or Russian Red
    - Revlon Fire and Ice
    - Nars Jungle Red
    - Nars Heat Wave (as used by Arden Rose in the linked video)
    - Revlon Colorstay in Top Tomato
    - Covergirl Really Red
    - Nars Fire Down Below

    To be honest, the list will go on forever. Your best bet is to google 'Good red lip colour for ...' and insert your skin tone.

    Hope this helped!


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