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September 24, 2011

My Napoleon Perdis Eyeshadow Collection

Being the Australian that I am, I'm all for buying Australian products. Napoleon Perdis is one of my favourite make up brands and I love their eye shadows. I have a number of their products, in particular their eye shadows. 
Loose Eye Dust
Left to Right: New packaging & old packaging
Left to right: New packaging with sifter & old packaging
Left to Right: #3 Turquoise, #17 Silver Grey, #19 Leaf, #20 Antique Rose, #35 Screaming Purple, #36 Champagne and Ice Storm
 I have seven loose eye dusts. 
  • #3 - Turquoise
  • #17 - Silver Grey
  • #19 - Leaf
  • #20 - Antique Rose
  • #35 - Screaming Purple
  • #36 - Champagne
  • Ice Storm 
The first six eye dusts are a part of the old packaging and have a number identification system (to find the colour of each shadow, I actually looked online). The final loose dust is a part of their new collection/packaging and just has a name, rather than a number. The new packaging also dispenses a small amount of product at a time, preventing a big mess.

I love these eye shadows! The pigmentation of each and every one is absolutely incredible! They all work amazing when worn alone, looking fun and adventurous. Teaming almost any of the colours with #17 Silver Grey can creates an easy and effective smoky eye. 

With this being said, I have trouble with #35 Screaming Purple The issue I have with it has nothing to do with the actual shadow or the colour, mind you. I'm just yet to find the best way to apply the colour without looking like, well, an idiot. 

My most used loose dust in my collection is definitely Ice Storm. I use is almost everyday to serve one purpose or another. The sparkly, white sheer colour makes a fantastic brow bone and inner corner highlighter, but it also works well as an all over lid colour when applied lightly. Ice storm can also be used as a face highlighter.

Would I recommend Napoleon Perdis loose dusts? Yes! They're amazing. I've read online that they're very comparable to MAC's eye pigments, however they're a lot cheaper.
Eye Patrol
Eye Patrol in Private Fairy
Eye Patrol in Private Fairy Swatch (sorry the lighting isn't great)
I have one Eye Patrol eye shadow in the colour Private Fairy. As far as I can tell, the whole of the Eye Patrol range are sparkly, beautifully pigmented pressed shadows. Private Fairy is such a pretty baby pink colour. It seriously looks like something Glinda the Good Witch (Wizard of Oz) would wear!

Because the colour is so pale, it can be applied on top of almost any eye shadow to add a beautiful shimmer. Be careful though, over applying this colour can make you look like you have sparkly conjunctivitis.

Would I recommend Eye Patrol products? Yes. They're such a great and diverse eye shadow. 
Colour Disc
Colour Disc #79
Colour Disc #79 swatch
I have one eye shadow Colour Disc in #79 Coral Spice. This is the only Napoleon Perdis eye shadow I've been disappointed in. Again, I'm fairly sure it has nothing to do with the product. Rather it's due to my poor colour choosing. 

A few years ago, my make up was done a few years ago by a Napoleon Perdis make up artist and this is one of the shadows she used. My problem is the colour is so coral and so pigmented that I can't apply it to my eyes without, again, looking like I have some sort of infection. Unfortunately I can't remember how the make up artist used it either.

I've read that this shadow makes a great blush but, in my opinion, it's far too pigmented to suit my skin tone. Even with a light application, I look like a clown. 

Would I recommend this product? Yes and no. I wouldn't recommend #79 but I'd definitely recommend check out the colour range. 

I really want to try the Napoleon Perdis eye shadow quads, especially #5 (a neutral eye shadow palette). If you have any of the Napoleon Perdis quads, please comment below with your thoughts.

**According to my research, Napoleon Perdis does not test on animals

Always look your best,

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  1. i wish i had the money for napoleon. i dont go out anywhere to wear this kind of makeup but if i did, id love the coral eyeshadow

  2. Rachel, two hair salons in Midland Gate have a large selection of shadows for $12.50 each. :)

  3. I used to wear a beautiful shade a few years ago but when I went to purchase a replacement I was told they had changed their colour discs from number to actual names of eye shadows.would love to be able to buy the old discs that have numbers .any ideas where to look for the colour I had was a pinky coral colour .regards marls


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