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September 22, 2011

Maybelline "Fit Me!" Review

Fit Me! Foundation in #115, Fit Me! Pressed Powder in #115 & Fit Me! Concealer in #01 Light
As with Covergirl's "Natureluxe" range, I was very much looking forward to the release of Maybelline's "Fit Me!" range in Australia. I heard about this product months ago from Arose186 (a YouTube favourite) and have been eager to try it ever since! Again, much like Covergirl's "Natureluxe" range, one product in particular stood out to me and is my definite favourite!

Maybelline "Fit Me!" is a new range of foundations, concealers, pressed powders, blushes and bronzers designed to help women find their best shades. The foundations are coded by numbers which then translate to the right shade of other face products (concealers, pressed powders, blushes and bronzers, as mentioned above). I haven't explained it the best I  can, sorry! The best information can be found at your local Maybelline stockist (chemist, Kmart, Big W, Target, Priceline etc..)

As I said, I wanted to try the range out but I wasn't prepared to pay full price for up to five items. Anyway, I took advantage of Priceline's promotion and bought the foundation, concealer and pressed powder for $30.00. What a great way to try out products!

Fit Me! Foundation
Fit Me! Foundation in #115
As far as application goes, I could not fault this product. It's a lot runnier that Revlon's Colorstay, making accessing the foundation a lot easier. It was also very easy to apply and blend and had fantastic initial coverage. I wore the foundation under the Fit Me! concealer and pressed powder to test the products in conjunction with each other. 

I applied this product as I do any foundation and did not change my routine at all (same primer etc). As normal, I applied this product as I got ready in the morning, about 7.00am, and arrived home about 4.00pm. I could hardly believe what I saw when I got home and looked in the mirror. There was basically no product on my face. It looked as if it had 'lifted' off the surface or something, I'm not too sure how to explain it. Either way, there was hardly any product left on my face. The only spots with coverage were those that I'd applied the concealer too. 

I also found that I have to set this product multiple times throughout the day, as my face became shiny and that's just not attractive. I've read that some people love this foundation though, so I'm thinking that it might not be the best for combination skin. 

**ADDITIONAL NOTE: I've done some research and everyone will oily skin has had similar feedback. It's not for all us oily peeps!**

Fit Me! Pressed Powder
Fit Me! Pressed Powder in #115
To be honest, I don't know what I think of this product. I bought the colour that the my foundation matched but I've found it to be far too light. In the store I contemplated purchasing the next shade up, however it looked as though it had very yellow undertones. Not the best for an albino woman like myself. 

As I mentioned, I had to reapply this product throughout the day when I wore the Fit Me! range. I'm not sure whether the foundation or the pressed powder gave me the shine I was talking about above, but it happened. As I said, I just don't think the products (foundation and pressed powder) are suited to my skin type.

Also, don't be fooled - This powder has very little coverage.

Fit Me! Concealer
Fit Me! Concealer in #01 Light
I love this concealer, actually! The doe foot applicator isn't the best for concealer application, but I use my ring finger anyway so that's not an issue. The coverage of this product is fantastic. It blends so easily and the colouring is so right for me. This is a great overall concealer. It works amazingly under the eyes, as well as on blemishes or skin pigmentation. 
Left to Right: Fit Me! foundation in 115, concealer in 1 and pressed powder in 115
Unfortunately, I only like 1 of the 3 products I've tried from the "Fit Me!" range. My full size Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser arrived yesterday, so exciting! I've been wearing that with the Fit Me! concealer and my loose powder and I haven't had any issues. I get long lasting, ALL DAY coverage!

Would I recommend these products to someone else? I would recommend the foundation to those with normal/dry skin. It could work wonders for them! If you're pale and want to give it a try, let me know. I'd be happy to depot some and send you a sample. I'd recommend this concealer to everyone and anyone.

Will I be trying anything else from the Fit Me! range? You betcha! I'm so pale and, therefore, very cautious about buying bronzer. I want to buy the pale skin bronzer and see how it works for me. If you use it, what do you think?

**Unfortunately, according my research, Maybelline do test on animals

Always look your best,

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