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September 18, 2011

Make Up Essentials!

September 18, 2011 | , ,
If you're new to the make up world, the range of products and brands available can be pretty overwhelming. I've compiled a list of, what I feel to be, the make up essentials that everyone should have in their kit. 

**Please note, these are my opinions only.
Foundation or Tinted Moisturiser
First off, it's important to have a good make up base. Make sure it matches your skin tone and type. Keep in mind that not all people need foundation. Your age, skin type and level of skin pigmentation may influence your choice of base. Foundation and/or tinted moisturisers are great way to hide/cover blemishes, reduce redness and even out skin tone. If you're pretty happy with your skin, but just want to even out your colouring, why not just wear a tinted moisturiser?
Left to Right: Revlon Colorstay in 150 Buff and Laura Mercier Oil-Free Tinted Moisturiser in Nude 

Although it's not an essential for everyone, it's essential for me! A good concealer is a great way to cover up skin pigmentations, dark under eye circles, skin blemishes and/or pimples. On those days when you don't want a full face of make up, just chuck some concealer on under a pressed powder for a relax, yet flawless, look.
Left to Right: Napoleon Perdis Patrol Conceal It & Maybelline Fit Me! Concealer in #01
  • Napoleon Perdis Conceal Patrol It (I think that's the name, the website is playing up)
  • Mac Select Cover Up
Pressed and/or Translucent Powder
A translucent powder is a white (although sometimes darker, depending on your skin tone) and used to set foundation. It should be buffed into the skin (with a dense, khabuki like brush) to keep your foundation from 'melting off' or looking oily as the day progressed.

A pressed powder can be worn for additional coverage. It's great to carry around for 'touch ups' throughout the day. Pressed powder can also be worn over concealer alone, in place of foundation, to set it and, again, add coverage.
Top to Bottom: Maybelline Mineral Power Finishing Veil Powder in Light, BYS Translucent Powder #01 Light, MAC Studio Fix Powder in NC20
  • PRESSED POWDER: MAC Stuido Fix Powder 
  • TRANSLUCENT POWDER: BYS Translucent Powder (it's cheap as and it does the job)
  • On my shopping list: MAC Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder
Blush is a great way to contour, add colour and/or highlight your face. There are so many blush options available and it's all about personal preference. You can choose from powders, creams, gels and/or liquids. In my opinion, powder blushes are probably going to be the easiest for beginners.. 
  • FAIR SKIN: Think beiges, light pinks and/or peaches. Choose a light colour, or have a light touch when applying, because it may come across as very clown-like in contrast with your pale skin.
  • OLIVE/MEDIUM SKIN: Try to work with warm based browns and/or copper colours. These colours will make your features POP.
  • DARK SKIN: Pinks, berries and reds will look absolutely amazing on you!
Left to Right: Benefit PosieTint, Napoleon Perdis Set Cruise Blush in Atlantic, Napoleon Peridis Mosaic Powder in Gleaming
Natural Eyeshadow
Natural eyeshadow palettes are absolutely perfect for beginners. Scratch that, they're perfect for everyone! They generally contain 3-5 neutral eye shadow shades that can be worn alone or teamed to create a perfectly contoured and defined eye.

There are so many available so your'e bound to find one you like. However, with that being said, you might prefer to buy your own complimenting shadows. If so, try to get a light/almost white colour (for highlighting your brow bone and inner corner), a medium colour (all over lid colour) and a dark colour (for contouring your eye crease and to be used as an eyeliner). Three eyeshadows may sound like a lot, especially if you're new to the make up world, but all three steps are so easy to apply and you won't believe the difference it can make.
Left to Right: Benefit Big Beautiful Eyes Palette & Revlon  Colorstay 12 Hour Eye Shadow #06 In The Buff

A nice and creamy eyeliner pencil is always good. Creamy eyeliners are often a lot easier to apply than hard ones, making them perfect for beginners. I've also found creamy eyeliners to be a lot easier to rub off in the event of an accident. Eyeliner colour is definitely determined by personal preference but brown can often be a lot more forgiving, and less harsh, that its black counterpart. Remember, you don't ever want to go overboard with your eyeliner! Work it into your upper lash line for a defined and natural look.

If the thought of using an eye pencil is too much, why not opt for a cake eyeliner (a powder eyeliner)? Using a dark eyeshadow on an angled brush also works wonders.
Left to Right: Benefit Big Beautiful Eye palette cake eyeliner, Napoleon Perdis Kohl Eyeliner in Suede & Napoleon Perdis China Doll Gel Eyeliner in Equinox  
  • NP Set Eyeliner in Paris
  • Napoleon Perdis Kohl Eyeliner in Suede (brown) or Charcoal (black)
  • Covergirl Perfect Blend (so creamy!)
  • Aveda Eye Definer (the perfect highlighter colour)
Mascara is a sure fire way to define your eyes and/or enhance any make up look. If you're not up to applying a full face of make up, mascara can brighten your face up instantly. For those who are new to the make up world, I'd recommend buying a black/brown mascara. The effects are just as good, but a little more natural looking.
    Lip stick/gloss
    Lipsticks are another great way to add a little colour to your face or make any look more edgy and exciting. With that being said, a nice nude lip is a great way to underplay any look. A red lip can also be fun though.
    Left to Right: MAC lip glaze in Hue, Relvon ColorBurst lipstick #065 Rosy Nude, Natio Nude Peach, Covergirl NatureLuxe Gloss Balm #265 Sandstone, Revlon Super Lustrous SPF 15 #010 Shine City & MAC Venomous Villains gloss in Strange Potion
    Is lipstick a bit much? Lip glosses are a great way to add colour whilst looking more casual and relaxed.

    • MAC Venomous Villains lip gloss in Strange Potion
    • Napoleon Perdis Gloss Patrol in Dallas
    Always look your best,

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    1. What do the professionals use on tv celeb's around their eyes? It glows almost white and they look fresh. I have asked someone before and I bought a concealer. That was not what I was looking for. Do you know what I'm talking about/ looking for? Thanks beauty spot Sophie xxx. From Kim

    2. Hey Kim! I think everyone has different tips and tricks for under eye circles. With that being said, I have two products that I love for under the eyes. One is super new and will soon be featured in a "What's in my Mail Box?" post.

      1. Benefit Erase Paste is awesome. It's featured in my Finding Mr Bright (<< that's linked) post and I just love it. Check out the post to read the full review.
      2. Yesterday I also received my Benefit Ooh La Lift. It's an 'instant' eye brightening product and I absolutely love it.

      Erase Paste is more of a concealer, whilst Ooh La brightens. I guess it depends on what you're looking for but I love both! I can bring them both in on Tuesday for you to check out, if you want. :)

    3. Great feedback Sophie. We will have to plan a girly day together ") xxx

    4. One more question Sophie. Do you know where I can buy a large clear make up box? Like the kardashians have. Thanks my daughter wants one ")

    5. Thanks, Kim! I'll bring them in on Tuesday. We can make Nang and Paddy listen.

      I know exactly what she's talking about as I've been loooking into a similar system for my make up storage. Below I will link you to four of, what I classify to be, the best storage solutions I could find on eBay. I'd definitely recommend buying them off eBay.

      The links were incredibly long so I've just linked these words to take you to the eBay pages.
      Storage 1 Storage 2 Storage 3 Storage 4

      There are multiple options there, depending on how much make up she has and her price range.

      Alternatively, has she looked at these or something like them? Storage 5
      These are a lot cheaper. They still have clear fronts so you can see what's in them, too. These are what my make up is store in. They come in different drawer depths but I've found something this is the best for make up. (You can often get these on sale at Kmart or Big W)

    6. Jade like storage box 3. It's so expensive though isn't it, for what it is and size. She works so she will be paying for it "). Thanks your a gem xxx

    7. Sophie! ive just been reading your blog and ive found the make up and hair tips especially useful.
      One question: with hair, i have really curly hair :P:) you say not to wash your hair every day as it eradicates natural oils, but how then is the best way to maintain it...i find brushing dry curly hair gets rid of the curls and if you dont wash it, then the next day it gets all notty :S:S so consequentially, i have to wash it basically every day :S. is there any way to avoid this?
      Also sophie, would you be able to write a bit on how to apply make up? i find that with mascara and eye liner especially- some means of applying it just emphasises your eyes, wheras other means make it look bigger or smaller. and like even with mascara, some ways make it look like bigger to the point that it looks sorta circular :P and other ways make it look more almond shape :S would you be able to tell me what the best ways of applying eye liner and mascara for select desired effects?


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