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October 01, 2011

Looking After Red Hair!

I've had red hair for about two months now. In saying that, this isn't the first time I've had red hair. I had it for approximately 4 months but I got sick of the maintenance and dyed it a dark brown. However, as soon as I dyed it I missed the red. I vowed I'd go back to red eventually and I'd be dedicated enough to maintain it properly.

To get my hair the shade of red I wanted, I was very naughty. I bleached my whole head. Eeek! That was over two months ago and I'm still trying to get my hair back to the condition it was before I dyed it. It's also a lot shorter as I hacked all the irreparable bits off. Sad! 

Once a week I put a treatment in my hair. At the moment I'm pretty easy about what I use as I have sooo many I have to use up. I know you're meant to wash your hair before you put a treatment in so you can just wash it out but I can never be bothered. Approximately three hours before (if possible, sometimes it's only an hour or two) I plan on having a shower, I'll coat my mid-lengths and ends in a treatment and leave it. I'll leave it in as long as possible. This is also a great opportunity to apply two pre-shampoo products. 
  • De Lorenzo Essential Treatment Oil Balance: Nourishes and provides necessary oils to dry and damaged mid-lengths and ends
  • De Lorenzo Essential Treatment Protein Complex: A strengthening treatment spray which is great for colour treated hair
When washing a treatment out of my hair I try to only get shampoo on the roots. I know it's not completely possible but I don't want to reverse all the work done by my shampoo.

Red hair is such high maintenance. I have an absolutely amazing colour shampoo that deposits and enhances colour whilst shampooing. I use De Lorenzo's Nova Fusion shampoo in Fire Red. The colour is so intense that I have to make sure my nails are painted when I wash my hair, otherwise they become stained. All Nova Fusion Colour Care shampoos (there's 14 shades from blonde to vibrant reds and natural browns) are designed to work on natural and/or colour treated hair. I can't say enough good things about these shampoos. Seriously. They bring out natural undertones in hair too.

After shampooing my hair I will either use De Lorenzo Nova Fusion Colour Care conditioner or Redken All Soft conditioner. The De Lorenzo conditioner locks in the colour deposited by the De Lorenzo shampoo, whilst the Redken conditioner makes my hair ridiculously soft. 

Even though it's fantastic, there's only so much that a colour depositing shampoo can do. I aim to dye my hair every six weeks to ensure the colour stays vibrant. In between, every two weeks I try to apply Fudge Paintbox semi permanent hair colour all over. Fudge Paintbox colour is a great way to enhance almost any vibrant colour. There are 13 colours available but I use Hot Chilli. 

I've also read a lot about Vitelity Espresso colour conditioner. According to my research, it's meant to revive and add vibrancy to hair colour, whilst adding shine and softness. This conditioner is available in 6 colours (brown, violet, platinum, gold, copper and red). I can't wait to get my hands on this stuff. It will be awesome when combined with the colour depositing shampoo. YAY!

If you've tried the Vitelity Espresso, or you have other tricks for maintain hair colour, let me know!

Always look your best,

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  1. I don't think I would ever be game enough to dye my hair red! There is no way I could keep up with the up keep!

  2. Hey Soph do you have a preferred website where you buy the De Lorenzo products? I think I need some of the nova fusion shampoo but want to find the best deal online...
    My last colour was favourite ever (reeeeeeeally vibrant copper), but also the fastest fading ever! So much for permanent eh? Hopefully the shampoo will get me past 2 weeks!

  3. Amy, it's high maintenance but I love it!
    Chloe, to be honest I'll buy it anywhere. I love it so much that I really don't mind how much I pay for it. In stores it retails for about $24.00 but you can definitely find it cheaper online. I was looking around for the best price and I can't find the place I was looking at getting my next lot from. However, when I was researching I found this
    (<< linked). It looks absolutely incredible. I've never seen it in Aus but I've found this site that you can get it from - click here
    The site sells two sizes, 100mL and 300mL, so you could easily get the smaller one to give it a try. If you grab it, let me know what you think!

  4. I popped into price attack and bought the de Lorenzo shampoo in copper, so excited to use it! Once I've used that, I'll try the lakme one. Tempted to buy the colour treatment now though. I saw the vitelity conditioner but didn't have an extra $35 so that can wait til next time...

  5. I know! It's the price of the Vitelity that stops me getting it. I've been good and haven't spent much since being away so I might buy it as a treat! Haha.
    Let us know what you think of the shampoo!


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